Why Projector BenQ MW705 is Perfect For Presentations (4,000 Ansi Lumen)


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BenQ MW705


Projectors have various applications including lectures, meetings, conferences, and theaters which the BenQ MW705 can fit in for all.

Buying a projector is not an easy task because there are many models in the market with varying features.

It is advisable to buy a projector that meets your needs to save money without compromising performance. If you plan to give presentations, the Projector BenQ MW705 is what you need.

In this article, you will get a deep insight into BenQ MW705 features.

Things to consider before buying a 4000-lumen projector


LCD or DLP Projection

Digital Light Processing (LCD) and Liquid Crystal Display (DLP) are the two most common projector technologies on the planet. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Projector Resolution.

Models with higher resolution are more expensive. If you intend to use the projector for displaying slides, a model with SVGA resolution will work perfectly. Numerical data requires XGA resolution which displays fine details.


Projector Brightness.

Brighter projectors have a higher ANSI lumens rating. Large rooms, halls, and auditoriums require projectors with more than 4000 lumens.


Display Contrast.

Higher contrast ratios generate clearer images and videos. If you intend to use your projector while the lights are on, it is advisable to choose a model with a high contrast ratio.


Projector Connectivity.

A good projector should have wireless connectivity and several interface ports including HDMI, USB, composite video and network port.


Lamp Life

Non-LED projectors with at least 3000 lamp life hours are better. Additional features such as eco-mode conserve power and extend lamp life. Models with LEDs are unique in that they don’t need lamp replacement.


What is BenQ MW705 projector?


Projector BenQ MW705 is manufactured by BenQ which widely uses DLP technology in its projectors.

This model has been designed to save power and offer exceptional performance.

BenQ MW705 is an advanced projector with several input ports and it also supports wireless connectivity. Unlike other models, this one is lightweight and compact. It displays high-quality images and video due to its high resolution.

The projector supports several 3D formats which enhance the way you do your presentation. The 4,000-lumen rating is bright enough for medium-rooms. The most amazing thing about this gadget is that you can use it when the lights are on.



1. Highly portable.
2. WXGA (1,280-by-800) resolution.
3. Wireless streaming capability.
4. Bright 4,000-lumen rating.
5. Fine image output which is good for data images.



1. Weak audio output.
2. Full-motion video causes distortion.
3. Some data images have Dark colors.


Features & Benefits


Size and Design

The projector is small in size and lightweight in nature. BenQ MW705 is highly portable and you can carry it with you.

The ports are hidden to minimize clutter. The smart design incorporates QCast buttons which have been designed to improve productivity.

Both the projector keypad and the remote control are easy to operate. You can also use the plug-and-play QCast dongle for quick connection.


2D keystone correction

This feature corrects the trapezoid effect. 2D Keystone allows you to adjust the image output either vertically or horizontally up to 30 degrees.

This correction allows you to place the projector on a u-shaped tabletop and use it without carrying the table to a new location.


USB power output

This projector comes with a 1.5A USB output. You can use this port to charge your smartphone, tablet or other handheld devices. This prevents your device from going off during a live presentation.

The USB port also supplies power to the external wireless HDMI dongles. This eliminates the additional cost of buying a power adapter.


High-quality images

BenQ MW705 outputs clear images in bright rooms. The projector comes with a maximum brightness of 4,000 lumens which allows you to do a presentation when lights are on.

This amazing feature promotes note-taking and discussion.

The projector is perfect for medium-sized rooms that can accommodate about 20 participants.


Wireless connectivity

You can connect your laptop or smartphone to the projector wirelessly. This feature gives you maximum mobility and freedom during a presentation. It also saves time when there are multiple presenters.
The presenters can easily connect and disconnect from the projector by a mere click of a button. This minimizes transition time from a presenter to another.


MHL Connectivity

Apart from wireless connectivity, BenQ MW705 is equipped with MHL Connectivity which allows you to mirror slides, video, photos, PDF or other documents from your Android device.

The MHL cable has been designed to charge your device and transmitting data simultaneously. It is also able to power QCast powerless dongles with compatible ports.

This gives you flexibility during a presentation.



The projector has dual levelling feet which you can adjust to vertically align the image on the screen. This feature is useful if the tabletop or the floor is not level.


Saves power

This projector has energy efficient electrical components. Unlike other models, it has a short power-up wait time after switching it on/off.

It has an auto-power-off mode which switches the projector off if it is inactive for 20 minutes. This prevents the gadget from wasting energy if you forget to turn it off.

The gadget activates Eco-Blank-Mode after 3 minutes if there is no content to display.

It also has SmartEco™ Mode that optimizes the color, contrast, and brightness of the images to reduce lamp power consumption without affecting the quality of the image.


Social Proof

BenQ MW705 is a great projector with an impressive light output. Today, many businesses and institutions use it due to its 4000 lumens of brightness.

People use it to run PowerPoint presentations in a lit conference room without switching the lights off.


Our small church purchased this as an upgrade to a 12ish year old projector that finally broke down. This was well worth the investment. Our church has windows all around, there’s no escaping the outdoor lighting during our Sunday morning service but this projector had no issue projecting a crisp, clear image w/ hardly any color loss. Super easy to set-up. Perfect for our needs.


I bought this for outside movies and eventually basement theatre. I was so excited to try it out I set it up at dusk outside projecting on my dark green siding and I am blown away by the quality. I have no clue how it looks so good on such a crap surface. I’m sure it will be amazing in a dark basement on an actual screen


This is a great device and does exactly what it says. It delivers better than expected performance. Very good purchase especially for the price.


Final Verdict

BenQ MW705 is perfect for anyone who plans to use a projector for any kind of conference or presentation. It has many good features that make it better than other models.

You can enjoy its flexibility by using the wireless streaming module. This 4000-lumen projector is bright enough for a medium-size room. Its design makes it one of the highly portable projectors and overall the performance stands out from the rest. One thing to be positive about is that you will not have issues with lighting when it comes to using the BenQ MW705.



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