Taotaole 800 Mini Multi-Media LED Review


Taotaole 800 Mini Multi-Media LED Review

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Illuminate your life! Get ready for the ultimate movie theater experience. Tired of queuing for tickets and eating stale, over salted and under buttered popcorn? Now you can have an even better home movie experience with the Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater Projector. Movie nights will never be the same again! Plus the menu can become anything you want! You can raid the fridge or the food basket as many times as you want while watching your crisp clear HD quality movie. Oh, did we forget to mention the part where it’s totally portable? It’s easy to bring it along for camping, picnics and other family and friends outdoor activities.


* The setup Easy and straight forward. You don’t even need the manual, Just plug and play!

* The Taotaole 800 mini is versatile. The multi-function feature enables you to view different image and video formats.

* It is portable. You can use it from any room in the house, outside on the yard, bring it with you on outdoor trips or to a friend’s house. It’s extremely light. Enjoy fun times practically anywhere. All you need is a wall.

* DC/AC power input. This means you can plug it in the socket while in the house or connect it to a battery when you’re out in the mountains.

* Easy to use. The control buttons are well labeled and easy to press. The projector also comes with a remote for more control.

* LED lamp. Brighter images and videos.

* Video game compatibility. Play your favorite video games on large screen! You can take the battle outside for friends to join in.

* Audio-out jack allows you to connect external speakers.

* Multi-Language support (Polski, Czech, English, Deutsch, Russian and Spanish).

* Excellent user manual with easy instructions.


* Not ideal for Office PPT presentations.


Feature & Specifications:

The Taotaole 800 mini is a compact gadget. It’s modern design and capabilities go beyond your expectations. It comes in a stylish silver-ish white and black color with grey manual operation buttons. The external connection ports are well positioned on the side with 2 USB slots, a HDMI slot and an audio out jack port. This model also features an SD port so you can view media like photos from your smartphone. The projector supports the following multi media formats:

* Video formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, RMVB, VOB, MPG and DAT

* Image formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP

* Video encoding: Xvid, MPEG1, 2 and 4, DivX

* E-book formats: TXT

* Audio formats: MP3, WAV and WMA

The picture quality is exceptional. The aspect ration allows you to enjoy 4:3 and 16:9 picture sizes. Choose either 800 * 480 or 1920 * 1020 resolution for picture quality. For more focused viewing, clarity and picture positioning, there is are two manual adjusting (one finger feather-touch rotation) dials right on top of the lens. All this gives 30 to 120 inches of picture size range.

The Taotaole mini projector seems to go on forever thanks to the 20, 000 hour life. It will always be last to go to sleep. This wonderful projector comes with two in-built 2W speaker so you can still use it without external speakers. The manual control buttons are strategically placed on the top left corner with geometric precision to enhance the Taotaole 800 mini’s aesthetic attraction. You can play/pause, add the volume and do more manual adjustments with the easy to press buttons.

Weighing at approximately 1 KG, the projector is fairly light and easy to carry around. Measuring only 201*153*67.5 mm, it means you only need very little space to settle it down. There is also a support leg strategically placed at the bottom that unscrews for adjustable elevation (raised angle). The Taotaole 800 LED Portable Projector is packed with many more features that families can enjoy.

Does it Cost Me an Arm?

This is always the next question. For all these amazing features you would expect it to be quite expensive, naturally, right? Wrong! The Taotaole 800 comes at a very competitive price for a gadget of its class. At the current price, every household should own one. Your family and friends will enjoy crystal clear large screen picture both indoor and outdoor for way less. It will be like taking them to the movie theater, only not! It’s the perfect family gift.

What’s in the Box?

You will find 1 projector, 1 power cord, a user manual, 1 AV cable (3 in 1) and a remote.

Order yours now.

Taotaole Multi-media Mini

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