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W312 Review
The Optoma W312 is designed to offer a range of options for connecting to other devices without negating your power consumption needs. According to Optoma, the projector is an ideal teaching aid and can be used in larger spaces such as conference rooms. Thus, it is a well- rounded device that caters for the needs of the home user, teacher, and business professional.

From an insider’s perspective, the W312 perfectly matches bright images with vibrant coloration. Texts were also clear and exhibited little to no distortions. While viewing videos, the images refreshed smoothly, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience. Based on the Optoma W312 review, it would suffice to say that the projector provides great performance, and an array of matching features meant to enhance the enjoyment of the device.

Optoma W312 Main Features:

Long lamp life- the projector’s lamp is expected to last up to 10,000 hours. This is bound to keep the product operating costs low over its lifetime.

HDMI, VGA, S Video and USB connectivity- this projector is truly well-rounded by featuring multiple ports for conveniently connecting your other devices. As such hooking up a PC or TV is a walk in the park.

3D ready- the inclusion of 3D capability makes the Optoma W312 an ideal device that offers bolder, more immersive presentations from multiple angles.



· 3D enabled

· HDMI, VGA, and USB ready

· 3200 lumen lamp- brighter images


· Low sound quality from its 2w speaker

· Missing lens cap, making the projector prone to scratches

· Rainbow artifacts in brighter operating conditions

Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The Optoma W312 measures 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches, which is within the range of most projectors in its category. It also weighs 4.9 pounds or slightly over 2 kilos. Given its weight, the projector is easily portable. If you need to make presentations in separate rooms or in out-of-office contexts, you can carry the device with relative ease in the carry case provided. The device’s ports are located at the back, which simplifies connection and cable management.

The Optoma W312 also incorporates a control panel, situated atop the projector. This makes it convenient to set up and navigate through the product menu and is a good complement to the remote. Likewise, the projector’s louvered edges make it very sturdy, easy to grip, and facilitate the dissipation of heat.

5stars-300x53Performance: The Optoma’s 3200 lumen lamp ensures that pictures are bright enough for a more fulfilling viewing experience. This means that even on those sunny days that you would be wary of low quality images while using your projector, it’s not the case with the Optoma W312 . As such, you don’t have to draw your curtains so as to darken the room for better picture quality. The bright lamp allays such concerns so that you can enjoy the more important stuff- your movie experience.

The fact that the projector features a control panel is a big bonus. If you’ve ever used a projector that does not feature buttons for setting up or making adjustments, you can attest to the frustration of misplacing or even losing your remote and having to source for a replacement. The W312 allays such concerns, implying that should you lose your remote, you can still enjoy the device’s functionality by using the buttons.

Similarly, the adoption of BrilliantColor Technology ensures that image color quality is outstanding. In fact, Optoma offers a five-year color guarantee, which is an assurance of consistent, vibrant and dazzling color quality. In the same vein, the 20,000:1 contrast ratio ensures uncompromised image depth and richer, more lively pictures. Even if you need to view texts, such as while making PowerPoint presentations, the texts are clear. Additionally, the W312’s 1200 x 800 resolution means that images are clearer and more pronounced.

The 3D enabled device supports various devices. For instance, if your need to connect it to your gaming console for a better playing experience, then the Optoma W312 will not disappoint. Even if you just need to view 3D movies, connectivity to blu-ray players is a breeze. Likewise, you can expect to enjoy smoother images devoid of bothersome flickers owing to the projector’s 144Hz industry leading refresh rate. I enjoyed playing a 3D movie with the help of the projector and did not have to contend with lags that emanate from lower refresh rates on other projectors.

Although the inbuilt 2w speaker in the Optoma W312 was a bit of a letdown, few other competing products offer much in terms of sound quality. In fact, most projectors, irrespective of price, feature either mono or dual 2 or 3w speakers. However, this should not dissuade you from investing in the W312 as you can simply work around this drawback by connecting an external boom box through the projector’s audio-in and out ports.

5stars-300x53Price: We are very happy with the price of this projector. Given that some of the similar, pricier projectors offer fewer features than the W312, I would readily recommend the device.

Final Verdict:

The WXGA resolution of the Optoma W312 will serve you best when it comes to watching widescreen high resolution movies. Released only in 2015, it is one of the best affordable home theater projectors currently available. If resolution is not a big concern for you, consider going for the XGA version of this device which is priced a lot lower.

Optoma has a knack for producing high performance projectors at an affordable rate, while other manufacturers like Epson or BenQ might do better in terms of design, Optoma projectors are known for superior performance. The Optoma W312 is no different, not much has changed in terms of design, looks-wise the W312 is almost identical to the older X316, but performanse-wise we see a massive improvement.

Optoma W312

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