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Optoma ML550 Review

Optoma offers the ML550 projector and its accessories- power block, connecting cable and remote in an easy to carry case. The projector features an advanced design to its forerunners like the ML300 and offers brighter image quality than other brands in the same category.

Bright pictures, minimal artifacts- color distortions (red, blue, and green), and a compact design are some of the highlights of the ML550. After using it for a few days, I must admit that it offers great viewing experience, especially for films. The inbuilt media player in the device was also a valuable addition, as I could view my projects without having to use the HDMI to connect my laptop to the projector. By offering such convenience, it would suffice to say that the Optima is an ideal projector for the business user looking for a presentation aid. Those who would also like to increase their media’s display size can also invest in the projector.

Optoma ML550 Specifications:

Keystone adjustment- sometimes images on the projector may distort when the projector tilts to the side. This can be somewhat disruptive. The ML550 boasts the keystone feature that realigns distorted images and minimizes disruptions.

In-built media player- this additional feature allows for great versatility in terms of the range of files that one can view on the projector. For instance, you can view documents created in the Microsoft Office suite, pictures, and videos in multiple formats- AVI, MP4, MKV etc.

LED functionality- LED is an integral aspect of modern-day projectors, especially since they are used over long durations. By factoring LED lighting into the mix, the Optoma ML550’s lamp can function for well over 20,000 hours. This is an ideal cost-cutting feature.



  • Lightweight and thereby portable
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Long lamp life


  • The built-in speakers offer low audio quality
  • Missing zoom control
  • Absence of in-built Wi-Fi


Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: The ML550 measures 1.5 x 4.1 x 4.2 inches (H x W x D) and weights less that a pound, at 14 ounces, making it a lightweight and compact projector. The fact that it can fit onto your palm means you can cart it away on a trip effortlessly as it would occupy less space in your luggage.

The design of the ML550 also features an internal memory suited for viewing files. Another valuable addition is the safety complement in form of a Kensington slot, which enables the user to lock the device onto a fixed surface. As such, you do not have to fret about losing your projector in case you leave it for a few moments in a conference room or other public spaces.

Its design also makes the ML550 easy to install and use, even for a novice user. The slots at the back of the projector are clearly marked, indicating which devices ought to be connected to the individual slots/ports.


4starsPerformance: The Optoma features a 500-lumen lamp and 1,280 x 800 resolution, ensuring that you experience brighter images from the projector. A business user will find this to be very helpful, especially as brighter images improve their presentation without having to consider darkening a room for better viewing. Therefore, the well-defined picture quality is a big plus for the ML550.

The ML550 also features a HDMI/MHL port, Micro SD slot, and USB connectivity. These features provide valued-added benefits to a user, making the projector a versatile workhorse for your needs. An Optoma ML550 review on the PC Mag and Amazon indicates that the projector boasts a compact design that is very well suited to individuals who are constantly on the move. Thus, your mobile office can benefit from such a lightweight projector. In addition, the MHL connectivity enables users to view files on their mobile devices or tablets, making for enhanced productivity. A business user who desires to connect multiple devices to the projector will find this feature to be a welcome addition meant to make the ML550 more functional and in tune with consumer needs.

I also noticed in my Optoma ML550 review that when one needs to view movies using this device, reducing the lighting in the room leads to better picture quality, even during the day. Additionally, with a few tweaks on the image calibrator you can get the right balance between the contrast, brightness, and color tones. You might even consider replacing your TV for the Optoma ML550, as the latter offers a bigger display size maxing at 115 inches, especially when you view films or movies on a wider screen. Considering that TVs are often bulky, the Optoma is more convenient and less bothersome.

The Optoma’s in-built media was also very useful in viewing files without the need to hook the device to a PC. This proved to be a convenient feature, as it increased the value that users can derive from the device. Therefore, even if you don’t own a PC, but would like to view your Word documents or JPEG photos, you can simply utilize the Optoma ML550.

However, the fact that the projector does not feature a zoom means that setting it up accurately could take some time, an aspect not every buyer would like to get used to. As such, it could deter some users from investing in the Optoma. Thankfully, the keystone adjustment feature eliminates the distortions in images that occur when the projector tilts to the side, eliminating the distractions that such alterations can make on the viewing experience

4starsPrice: The ML550 is priced at about $499 on Amazon, making it an affordable device. The Optoma ML550 could just be the projector you need to transform your nights into star-filled motion picture adventures. Better still, it could help in improve your business presentations while on the go. Evidently, at the given price, users are bound to derive immense value from this LED projector.

Final Verdict:

For users concerned with the low brightness of this projector, there are two higher brightness versions available, the ML750 (700 lumens) and the ML 1000p (1000 lumens). These versions are pricier and brighter. The ML550 is a true wireless i.e battery powered projector that can be used seamlessly without any wiring involved. It also features on our list of the best affordable 3D projectors. Combined with the small size and LED bulb, this makes it a very capable travel and home projector.

Optoma ML550

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