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Optoma hd29darbee

Are you tired of the time, effort, and money required to watch movies at your local movie theater? If so then you should consider a home theater projector like the Optoma hd29darbee. It’s a good option in terms of the color, brightness, and clarity it delivers. We’ll be taking a closer look at this home projector including its main features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Things to Consider

Are you tired of expensive movie theater tickets? In 2018 the average price for a ticket was a little over $9.00 and spiked almost 50 cents since 2015. Meanwhile, the average cost of a soda and popcorn is $10. Then there’s the time and effort required to drive/ride to and from the theater, wait in line to get your ticket and snacks, etc.

You can avoid all these hassles with a home theater projector. That’s because it gives you the chance to view not only movies but also other content like TV shows, YouTube videos, and group selfies. If you’re a fan of 3D movies some home theater projectors also support 3D videos.

These projectors can make your life easier because you can enjoy videos on a big screen like being in a movie theater. You can enjoy many of the same benefits as movies including high definition (HD), 3D, and surround sound but you can enjoy them from the privacy of your home including your rec room or patio.

There’s no need to deal with the rigmarole of wasting time before and after the movie. A home projector can streamline your video-viewing time so you can enjoy more movies, TV shows, and games.

Before you pick a home theater projector, it’s critical to spend some time thinking about your needs. A key issue is your budget. You can find many quality units in the under-$1000 price range. Make a budget then make sure to stick to it.

Then there are the projector’s specs. Is maximum resolution HD or UHD? How many lumens does it have? What’s the contrast ratio? These are technical issues that will determine the unit’s performance.
Next, you should also take up a unit’s bells and whistles. How long-lasting/energy-efficient is the lamp? What kind of processor does it use? Does it have USB and HDMI ports? Can you stream video from your smartphone or tablets? Pick the features you want and need.

Product Review

The hd29darbee is a budget-friendly home projector since it’s in the under-$1000 price range. In fact, if you’re looking for decent quality and affordability, this is a good option. That’s because it’s loaded with features yet is much more affordable than models in the $1000+ price range.

On the other hand, if you want a high-end home theater projector, then this Optoma option isn’t the best option. For example, you might want a heavy-duty unit with an ultra-long run-time and 4K UHD resolution. If that’s the case, then you should consider other units.

What comes in the package:

  • Projector
  • Lens Cap
  • Remote Control w/ Batteries
  • AC Power Cord
  • CD ROM
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Card
  • Warranty Card


  • Very bright at night
  • Better color, contrast, and image than other Optoma units
  • Eco mode works without ambient light
  • Works with small side lamp
  • Image as good as some flat screen TVs
  • HDMI inputs are all that is needed


  • Problems playing 3D video
  • Issues with bulb after limited use
  • Damaged/missing items

Features and Benefits

Full HD Resolution

This has become an industry standard for images and video. If you’re looking for UHD video, you should consider a 4K projector. However, this will boost the cost of the unit so you can find more affordable units that have 1080p resolution.

Vision Image Processor

This improves images to provide game-changing levels of detail, lighting, depth, and object separation. These factors are critical to provide images that are crisp and clear.

The image processor is one of the most important components for producing high-quality images and video. A power processor provides images that are better quality than low-end units.

sRGB Display Profile

This feature helps to provide bright colors. When viewing images via a home projector, the colors are critical, so this feature helps to improve the overall quality of colors produced by the projector.

The sRGB display profile offers high-level color accuracy. This provides rich/accurate color that’s based on accurate colors based on the HDTV specs when used with sources like PC/Mac.

Multimedia Interface

This offers support for HDMI ports so you can connect various MHL devices to the projector for playback video/music. You can also view images and share digital media content like webpages. This provides more versatility since you can view/share different types of content.

I/O Connectors

They include 2 High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) (video) and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) (audio) and USB-A (charging). This isn’t a wide range of I/O connectors, but it’s actually adequate for this particular home theater projector.


The hd29darbee supports HDMI 3D formats. This allows you to view 3D content from nearly all 3D sources. That includes 3D Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. 3D and UHD are some of the most popular technologies available for video.

Long-lasting Lamp

The unit’s lamp has multiple energy-saving features that provide high-performance/low-maintenance. In fact, you can get 80000 hrs. of lamp life. This is about 11 months of continuous usage so even if you watched a 2-hour movie every day the lamp would last for several years.

This provides convenience in various ways. It reduces the time and effort required to replace the lamp. The lamp’s energy-saving feature also reduces how much you’ll have to invest in parts to maintain the home theater projector.

Non-movie Content

The hd29darbee can be used for your household’s movie night. In fact, you can catch a movie either indoors or outdoors. It creates the movie-going experience from the privacy of your own home.

You can also consume non-movie content from Blu-ray/DVD players. That includes TV shows, home videos, games, and photos.

For example, you can watch HDTV programming or look at selfies stored on smartphones. You can also enable MHL devices like Roku Streaming Stick, smartphones/tablets, and Optima Cast Pro.

Reference Display Mode

This feature provides accurate color through HDTV colors, If you’re a fan of TV content, then you’ll want to have the best experience watching 1080p TV shows, sports events, cartoons, etc.

HDTV has been available worldwide for about a decade. While the technologies continue to improve it’s still important to get the best results including colors. That’s why this is a critical feature.

12V Trigger

This works with power screens. So when you switch on the projector, this triggers the screen to turn on simultaneously.


While the unit isn’t a mini projector, it’s quite compact/portable. The weight is 5.5 pounds, and the dimensions are 9.1 x 11.7 x 3.8 inches. These features make it easier to move the unit around your home or transport it to other locations.

Pocket projectors typically weigh 1-2 pounds. This is significantly lighter than 5 pounds, but the latter is still light enough to transport/store the unit easily.

It’s also worth noting that the Optoma unit is a full-size home theater projector. So while it’s somewhat heavier than a pico projector you’re also getting the bells and whistles that aren’t included on a mini projector.

Gaming Consoles

The Optoma projector supports many of today’s popular gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Wii. You can take your gaming to the next level by projecting the game on a wall or big screen.


The Optoma projector isn’t “cheap” and is in the $500+ price range. That said, it’s actually budget-friendly in terms of non-pocket projectors.

Mid-range units are in the $1000+ range, and high-end projectors can cost thousands of dollars. So if you’re looking for a first home theater projector, this is definitely a good option since it’s budget-friendly.

High Lumens/Contrast Ratio

The hd29darbee features 3200 lumens and contrast ratio of 30,000:1. These features are critical, so you’ll see bright images and good contrast between light/dark levels.

Both the lumens and contrast ratio are critical when there’s little ambient light used. In those cases, the lumens and contrast can help provide clearer images even if it’s a dark room.

Social Proof

“This projector at 120″ 1080P is as good as my 42″ flat screen. The 3-D is like being at the theaters without people texting or talking. I’m happy I went with this over a 55″4K, it is portable and can be projected on any light colored wall easily. The only flaw is the speakers, but I have surround sound for my house and bring a portable speaker when I setup outside.”

Amazon Reviews

“It is my second projector , first being a LCD based. I can watch this in ambient light and contrast is amazing. Darbee effects are great with it image enhancing process. Pictures seems to be coming to life with more details.”

Amazon Reviews


Home Theater Projector by EpsonB014D7XHDC


  • 2200 lumens
  • Support streaming devices
  • 35,000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDMI, RCA, USB-A input
  • 2-year limited warranty

This home theater projector is also in the under-$1000 price range. The Epson unit includes many of the same features as the Optoma unit like 2 HDMI ports, built-in speaker, full HD, and MHL support.

In terms of specs, the Epson projector has a 35,0000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio and 2200 lumens and projects up to 300-in. almost anywhere. The lamp’s life is up to 7,500 hours in Eco mode, which is somewhat higher than the Optoma unit.

The projector supports platforms like Blu-ray, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. It includes a built-in speaker and helpful setup tools to start enjoying HD content quickly.


In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, there aren’t enough proverbial hours in the day. You could catch a flick at the local movie theater, but it will cost you lots of time, effort, and money. This highlights the importance of considering a home theater projector.

The Optoma HD29Darbee Home Theater Projector can help solve these problems. It has specs that can rival the image quality provided by movie theaters like full HD resolution, 3200 lumens, and 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

This unit also provides lots of flexibility. It supports many kinds of content besides movies like HDTV shows, HD images, video games, You also get multiple I/O connectors like HDMI, MHL, and USB-A. The Optoma projector also supports 3D content from Blu-ray players, game consoles, etc.

Finally, the HD29darbee is a budget-friendly projector in the under-$1000 price range. So if you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a home theater projector, this is a good option. You’ll also get high value for the low price.

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