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 Optoma HD27 Review

The Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is an update on the HD26,which was already rather good. So when I heard about the new model I was determined to see whether the changes they made mean’t that some of the magic was gone. In the months before it’s release there where claims from within the company that the HD27 was going to be something special. Most manufacturers make boasts like this so I didn’t read too much into them, but then I heard reports of a major problem. This spurred my interest to write a review that told buyers the truth about this model and what it can do. Is it the dream purchase Optoma promised? Or is it fatally flawed? Find out here.


  • 25000-1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1080p
  • Nice Design
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Durable
  • Large Screen
  • Good Throw Distance
  • Plenty of Lumen’s


  • Average Speakers
  • 3D Ready


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The design is pretty typical Optoma meaning it’s very minimalist and looks like it’ll slot into the living room very easily. It’s neutral white so it won’t clash with anything and that’s how it was made; to become a part of your home entertainment experience. The weight is 5.5 pounds so they’ve also made a portable device you can transport to another location. And the measurements are 9 inches by 11.7 inches by 3.7 inches. Slightly chunky, but I always prefer thickness because these devices get dropped all the times and extra thickness means more durability. All in all, the design is not flashy, but functional like every Optoma.


Lets start with the set-up and it’s a huge success for Optoma. On powerful systems like this you’d expect a 20 minute set-up time, but it’s more like 10 minutes here. This adds to portability because if you’re transporting the HD27 to another place the last thing you want is to be waiting around pre-use.

Another great inclusion is the 3200 Lumens. The performance of these Lumens is also ramped up so you experience more like 4000 Lumens. The result is that you don’t need darkness or even partial darkness to view images at optimum level. Even in ambient light you’re looking at 90 inches of screen. This has to be regarded as a major selling point which only increases the portability further.

The throw distance is also good. 72 inches at 8 feet back and 107 inches at 12 feet back. So movie nights outside in the backyard with a large screen are very possible, as is gaming and movies in reasonably sized living rooms. But, the main improvement on the HD26 is in the color and the 2D picture. The 2D picture here is so good you won’t believe your eyes. The color scheme is so wide that it gives you 99% of REC.709. REC.709 is a standard for excellence in color space developed in 1990 and the standard is so high that not many projectors even today come close to it. 99% of the REC.709 color space is huge. Optoma have been very cloak and dagger about how they achieved this, and about the design of the color wheel in general, but the results speak for themselves. Films feel and look like you’re in the movie theater.

Here’s a little hint: Use Game Mode whether you’re playing games or watching TV, because it takes out more lag and makes both movies and games seem faster and more detailed.

Everything comes at a price right? Here’s the price you’re paying for the best 2D picture in the world. It seems Optoma didn’t have any money left for the Speakers after developing that fantastic color wheel. Consequentially they become muffled if you raise the noise level above halfway. Also the 3D isn’t exactly 3D. It’s a little bit naughty of Optoma do label this system 3D because if you want to view 3D you must buy Optoma’s transmitter seperately. Unless you do this you’ll never have 3D on this system .

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a big 3D fan then this is not the system for you. But, if you’re one of those people who like me, go to the cinema for 3D and enjoy 2D at home then it’s perfect. As far as 2D goes it’s 1080p and it’s the best 2D system on the market. Get some external Speakers and prepare to be astounded by the picture and that secret color technology Optoma used to create this. The Throw Distance is big and the Contrast Ratio is 25000-1, so blacks and whites seem bold and glossy. The HD26 looked better, but the design here isn’t ugly, it’s just neutral and the functionality is exceptional.

Optoma HD27

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