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Optoma H181X ReviewOptoma continues to up the ante in terms of the product features it incorporates in its advanced projector models. The H181X is an advancement on the H180X and provides more lamp lumens, and a higher contrast than its predecessor. Its 3D functionality and large display size provide great complementary value for home users looking for a budget projector.

The H181X presented very clear images while viewing a movie. Images were quite vibrant, though it would be advisable to darken the room by drawing the curtains during the day. Texts were legible even from a distance, and the projector did not suffer from image distortions and lags that are common in budget projectors. Overall, based on my Optoma H181X review, I would recommend the projector owing to its reasonable price point, clear images and bright lamp.

Optoma H181X Main Features:

3D enabled- The Optoma H181X addresses the needs of contemporary shoppers by featuring 3D compatibility. This assures users of a very immersive view, picturesque images in HD and a fulfilling user experience.

High contrast (23000:1)- The H181X boasts a high contrast given its price point. The high contrast enhances darker images, creating crispier views while at the same time ensuring the lighter shades are clear.

Large diagonal images (up to 300”)- viewers will enjoy movies on a big screen, thereby experience true-to-life views of their favorite scenes.


· 3D enabled

· Large image display size

· Long lamp life- up to 10,000 hours


· No VGA port

· Speaker output is low

· No lens shift


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The Optoma H181X measures 7.5 x 11.3 x 4.4 inches and weighs 4.8 pounds or roughly 2.2 kgs. Business and home users will find the compact build of the projector to be a huge plus as the projector is easily portable and can be used in diverse settings.

The projector is available in black, which is a universal and likeable shade. The projector’s connection ports are located at the back of the device, which makes it ideal for cable management in case you need to use it in one location.

Although the projector provides a firm grip, it only features an on/off button as opposed to a control panel. This implies that users have to rely solely on the remote for making selections or navigating the device’s menu. This could be a drawback in case the remote malfunctions or gets lost.

5stars-300x53Performance: Oftentimes, consumers complain that using a projector during the day has some drawbacks owing to the effects of daylight. This is often the case when the lumen lamp is not bright enough. Well, the Optoma H181X features a 3200 lumen lamp, which held its own very well in spite of my daylight operating conditions. The projector was bright enough and the external lighting conditions did not have much of an effect. However, it would be advisable to darken a room to have the best movie viewing experience. In case the projector is meant for class presentations, there is no cause for alarm as the projector is bright enough for your presentation needs, regardless of the time of day.

Moreover, the H181X boasts a high contrast ratio (23000: 1), which is a few paces ahead of pricier models like the Optoma HD141X and the GT760. The high contrast ensures that images are clearer, sharper and more enhanced. I noticed that while using the projector to make PowerPoint presentations, the texts were very pronounced and clear. Likewise, while watching movies, darker scenes were enhanced without undermining the lighter ones. Therefore, it you are considering a high contrast projector that is affordable, the H181X would be a good choice.

In addition, the projector’s 1280 x 720p resolution is sufficient for clear images. Although the 720p resolution is standard fare in most budget projectors, the H181X couples this with a bright lumen lamp for bright images. For the avid gamer concerned about image quality, the H181X provides a great gaming experience through its resolution and bright lamp. Likewise, since the projector is also compatible with most gaming consoles, you can be certain to enjoy using the projector.

A projector’s image display size is also its major selling point. Buyers are often drawn to projectors that feature an expansive diagonal image. My Optoma H181X review would not have been complete without testing its projected display size. I set up a 3D movie by connecting it to my blu-ray player and made a few tweaks to adjust the throw distance. Interestingly, I could view up to 250-inch diagonal images without much of a hitch in terms of picture clarity, lags or sharpness. In fact, I could have increased the display size were it not for the fact that my display screen was not large enough. The great feature was very laudable.

Other than the 2w speaker output, which I found to be dreadful as compared to other projectors like the Optoma X351 and DH1009, the H181X was quite impressive given its pricing. As such, I would recommend it to home users and the price-conscious shopper.

Final Verdict:

The Optoma H181X lies in the $400 to $500 price range, depending on the store you intend to purchase it from. Therefore, if you intend to purchase the projector, be sure to engage in some online searching or some legwork if need be, to find the best deal.

Optoma H181X

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