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Optoma GT760 review

So you’ve got a Games Console or PC? Well, the next step most gamers are taking recently is to replace the TV, with a large Projector screen capable of doing their games justice. They can do this because Projectors are coming down in price making purchasing one easier, and because lets face it, if you choose the right one you get something of much better quality than the plain old TV. But which Projector do you choose? Which ones are good for gaming? So that you don’t buy the wrong one, I thought I’d review a few, letting you in on some of the things they do well and shedding some light on the flaws. This review is about the Optoma GT760A 720P 3D DLP Gaming Projector.


  • 20000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Easy Set-up
  • Portable
  • Fast Response Time
  • Low Lag
  • Great Color Technology
  • High Performance 3D
  • Amazing Short-Throw



  • 1 HDMI Connection


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

At a height of 9.6 inches and a depth of 3.9 inches it’s one of the smaller Gaming Projectors available at the moment and with the weight being only 2.5KG, it’s also rather light. So the portability is there, and while it’s not the best looking projector in the world, it’s certainly not ugly, so will be easily incorporated into any living room setting. Simplicity is the word for this design, with it’s slightly curved edges and wide grills being the only features of note.



If you like an easy set-up then you’re in luck because the Optoma GT760A offers a short menu based system that is so easy to follow you can’t really make a mistake. There’s just a few image adjustments and you’re up and running.

Moving swiftly on many people thinking about a new projector for gaming will have been happy to see the term ‘Full 3D’ here. Unfortunately labels given to technology are very rarely self-explanatory and this one is no exception. The first piece of good news is that the 3D images look great and provided you’ve gone out and bought glasses, you’ll be able to view them straight away. More good news is that the Optoma GT760A is compatible with all 3D formats including sequential and broadcasting, so you’ll be able to hook up your Blu-Ray Player as well as your PC, or any other device that supports 3D. The value of this should not be overlooked because many so-called ‘Full 3D’ systems only support one 3D format.

There are also very few distortions in 3D, so you’ll get good images all the way up 300 inches, making 3D viewing on the Optoma GT760A an astounding experience. I suppose you’re wondering what the problem is then? I did mention the 3D wasn’t as simple as it sounded and the problem is that it’s not really 3D. Full 3D is 1080p in each eye and with a Native Resolution of only 720p the GT760A can never give you 1080p in each eye. So, it was a little naughty to label this system ‘Full 3D’ but i’m sure that once buyers view the images they’ll have no complaints.


Another thing worth noting is that you can get 120HZ or 144HZ 3D Glasses for gaming, but if you want to watch 3D Blu-Ray then you need 144HZ glasses. So, unless you want to buy two pairs you’re probably better choosing the 144HZ glasses. For those who have a PC you’ll be happy to hear that because the Optoma GT760A supports all 3D formats that means it supports PC 3D. Of course this is meaningless if you don’t have a PC with a 3D compatible graphics card, but if you do you can get started viewing in 3D right away.


The 2D viewing is also incredibly good, with a 20000-1 Contrast Ratio and Texas Instruments DLP Technology displaying up to 1 Billion colors. Although the images are great you should bear in mind the fact that you only get 1 HDMI connection meaning you’ll have to unhook one device to hook up another. If that’s no problem then this is one of the best 2D projectors around because their really are very few distortions and with 3400 Lumens of brightness you don’t have to draw the curtains before game playing. The Lumens perform really well, as does the color wheel so I found myself wishing they’d just included one more HDMI connection for the perfect 2D experience. On the upside, there is a short-throw of 90 inches from 42 inches back so maybe we can let the HDMI connection problem slide.


Unfortunately the speaker system is a big let down. With only 5 Watts of power the GT760A is clearly not capable of producing great sound to go with those excellent images so you’ll have to buy external speakers if you don’t already own them.


Final Verdict:

If you have external speakers then the GT760A is probably the best Gaming Projector on the market for you. With it’s excellent 2D and 3D images, along with a 20000-1 Contrast Ratio, 3400 Lumens, great short-throw, and 1 Billion colors it really is a wonderful piece of technology. Sure it isn’t exactly Full 3D as we know it, but it’s still very good. If you don’t have external speakers, then you’ll have to decide whether to buy them separately or purchase another projector because the sound is a problem. The Verdict: Great picture quality with a nice design and good 3D, so if you can overcome the speaker problem then the world of big screen gaming is at your fingertips.

Optoma GT760

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