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The only thing less fun than hearing about the intricacies of projection technology, is paying taxes. Well, it’s that way for most people. Personally I love those intricacies. But, I’m part of an elite group of projection experts on a mission to gain total enlightenment. We think of ourselves as special forces, except we don’t storm buildings looking for bad guys. Instead we read books and test products. You on the other hand, just want to find the right Projector and enjoy it. You want to watch movies, play games and leave the tech stuff to someone else. Which is why we set this site up. To deliver in simple form, bite-size information about the various Projectors available. In the life and death situation of needing a great Projector, we are your only hope. And today I have to Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector in the palm of my hand. Lets go through what it does.




  • REC709
  • 20,000-1 Contrast Ratio
  • 720p
  • Portable
  • Connects to anything
  • Beautiful Images
  • Super-Fast
  • Excellent Short Throw




  • 700 Lumens
  • Very Ugly



The portability on this thing is huge. It measures only 4.4 inches by 4.1 inches by 1,.6 inches, so I wasn’t joking. It’ll literally fit into the palm of your hand. It weighs only 1 pound meaning you can take it anywhere at any time and it’ll never be a burden. The design is functional and easy to understand. You have all the basic connections on the back including: HDMI, USB, SD Card Slot, VGA and MHL. You’ll be able to hook anything up on this from Games Consoles to Tablets. But, there’s no getting away from the Elephant in the room. This is without doubt one of the ugliest Projectors ever built. It’s tiny and it’s ugly. It has these giant vents and it’s colored like someone dipped it into a septic tank. Portable, but not the best to look at.


Short Throw Lens

What does this mean? Well, when we talk about a Lens Throw, we’re referring to how far away the Projector has to be to get a big screen image. In this case you can get 50 inches of screen size from 2.66 feet back. You can get 100 inches from 5 feet back. Now, considering that 50 inches from 6 feet back is considered good, the fact that you can get 100 inches from less than 6 feet back has to be amazing news. I was very impressed by the Short Throw.


Most people pass this by when looking at product descriptions but it’s very important. REC709 is a standard of color accuracy and it’s a very high standard. It was developed in the 1980’s and continues to be the mark by which all color projection is measured. Given that this Projector is REC709 certified, the colors are going to be very realistic, sharp and will appear in absolute clarity. The REC709 label is something you should look for when shopping for a Projector.

Native Resolution

The Native Resolution here is 720p, so we’re not talking about full HD 1080p. But, the pictures where good. I have no complaint’s about them. Part of the reason they turned out so good despite not being full HD was that they threw in some Texas Instruments color technology. Color technology is the mechanism by which your Projector creates the on-screen images you see. Bad technology can produce huge distortions and low realism, even with full HD. You don’t get any of those problems here. In fact there’s some outstanding images produced, even if they’re not 1080p.

Lumen Count

The more Lumens your Projector has, the brighter it is. Unfortunately here they’ve only provided 700 Lumens so that means you’ll need complete darkness before viewing. There’s always something they have to leave out to give you the stuff they think you really want and I guess the Lumens had to go. This means no watching movies outside until after dark and when you draw the curtains, you have to wait until all the light leaves to room before viewing.

Contrast Ratio

Very important. Contrast Ratio determines how blacks and whites will appear when projected onto your screen. You might have a Projector with a native resolution of 1080p, but if it has a low Contrast Ratio, then the quality of those pixels where blacks and whites are concerned will be low. Here you get a high Contrast Ratio at 20,000-1 and you can see it in action during dark movies or video games. Blacks and whites appear bold, and well pronounced on screen.


It has MHL, so if you play online games like facebook games you can connect your Phone that way. MHL is much faster than USB and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Games will appear to flow more smoothly and at higher speed than when you where playing them on your Phone. For Games Consoles there is an HDMI connection, although annoyingly you don’t get the cable with this thing. What you do get though is a super-fast response time and hardly any lag. This is arcade standard gaming.

Final Thoughts

If you were after some Lumens then this isn’t the Projector for you. But if you wanted a great HD picture, with outstanding blacks and whites, and some tremendously good color accuracy then look no further. I can’t complement the color technology more. Movies and games come alive. The Short throw is also outstanding. 50 inches from 2.66 feet back is outrageously good. Twice as good as what is considered an excellent Short Throw. Gaming is so fast and there’s next to no lag time along with a very fast response rate. It’s arcade action. And, with MHL, you can achieve a superior gaming experience when hooking up your Phone. Sure, It’s ugly looking, but it’s so small that nobody will care. Thank you for reading.

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