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nebra anybeam smallest laser pocket projector

There were days when projectors used to come in large sizes with substantial body weight, and it was almost impossible for everyone to move it. But technology has gone for the rescue as it has transformed the enormous size to a palm-sized device. However, not all pocket projector has been able to make a good mark in the market with visual quality, pricing, and feature list. Nebra AnyBeam laser cinema projector makes an exception in the mundane list as it has not only become a rage, but it has revolutionized the projector market.

It is currently the world’s smallest laser pocket projector that is developed by Nebra, the parent company of Pi-Supply.

It will feel lighter than a smartphone when you will hold it in your palm. It depicts an overall size of 19 X 60 X 103mm and 140g weight so you can expect it fit comfortably in your chest pocket without weighing it down. You can easily use it in any geographical region without thinking about temperature as it can survive between 5-degree to 35-degree temperature range.

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What does make it unique?

It’s fluidic 720p visual output with razor-sharp clarity that brings out the movie theater experience in your home comfort. Get a realistic viewing experience while watching movies and all the credit goes to its ability to play up to 60fps.

The 30ANSI may seem as a low lumens figure but it will change your perception as it 30ANSI is similar to the brightness of a projector with 150 ANSI Lumens. However, we will suggest you to use a proper projector screen; otherwise, you might not get a decent view. Nebra has geared it with a 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio so watching movie will be a treat to your eye.


Based on meticulously engineered MEMS laser technology, it utilizes a focus-free feature thus ensuring clear picture whenever you play any content. Get to view cinema theater-like visual quality with immense black and top-notch color saturation, and it is due to 80000:1 contrast ratio along with high color accuracy.

The laser technology doesn’t ooze a large amount of heat even at full power thus ensuring a cool operation. Experience a new way of watching a movie on the projector without any background and its fan-less design is partly responsible for it. Most importantly it uses lasers instead of a customary bulb or LED which not only offer extended longevity but also spares you front shelling out money on lamps after every few years.

Even though Pico projectors look small, but they consume a good amount of power, unlike AnyBeam that is designed to draw around 3-watt power. Although it offers you 1-watt inbuilt speaker but we will recommend you to opt for an external portable speaker for the better audio experience.

Despite being the smallest projector in the world, it offers better screen size range than many standard projectors, and its 5-150inch screen size serves as the proof. It gets an impressive 1m-5m throw distance which means you can easily project a bright 36inch image from just 1m. It takes the projection process to the next level by offering you partial projection technology that assists you to opt for projection mapping.

AnyBeam houses a 1.4v HDMI port that depicts you can connect almost any video stream device with it whether it is TV, PS4, or tablet. You can even hook a wireless media streaming device to play your favorite content on the large screen. In addition to HDMI, it also bags am 3.5mm audio jack so hooking headphone or speaker won’t be a fuss.

It is Compatible with Raspberry Pi

Nebra is the parent company of Pi Supply who are widely popular for their Raspberry Pi product, and this is the reason why you will also find developer kit version. With the developer kit, you can gear this projector with any device to create a new kind of streaming instrument. You can even give it a unique look by embedding it in a custom made body case. However, you won’t find the inbuilt speaker with the developer kit.


In addition to the developer kit, you will even find AnyBeam HAT and Monster Ball for utilizing this projector differently. The AnyBeam HAT allows you to gear this projector with the Raspberry Pi which is a single board computer and project your movie.

On the other hand, Monster Ball is a whole new different device that comprises a microSD card, AnyBeam HAT and the famous Pi Zero. It comes in a spherical case that has all connectivity ports and power supply.

Drooling already? Then what are you waiting for as AnyBeam is available in Kickstarter and an early bird pledge of this device will only cost you 219 euro which also includes the shipping cost. The AnyBeam HAT and developer kit are available at 189 euro while the Monster Ball cost around 279 euro.

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