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LG PF1500 ReviewMost consumers are conversant with LG products and probably have an LG device in their homes. LG’s high standing comes to the fore in the LG PF1500, an LED projector meant to keep your operating costs at a bare minimum. By incorporating stand out qualities like smart apps, LG has ensured this projector model stands head and shoulders above its counterparts.

Even as an outsider, I can confidently state that the LG PF1500 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to providing a captivating user experience. Based on my LG PF1500 review and comparisons with other products, few competing models or brands in the PF1500 class can hold a candle to it. Despite its 1400 lumen lamp, it delivered stunning and uniform pictures that were reasonably bright. I did not have to use the projector in a dark room to experience its output. Overall, it matched my image, and text viewing needs. Let’s examine some of the aspects that stood out in the PF1500.

LG PF1500 Main Features:

LED lamp- Led lamps are fast becoming a standard projector feature. The PF1500’s lamp boasts an estimated life of 30,000hrs. You can therefore expect the lamp to last as long as the projector.

Wi-Fi capability- this additional feature makes it possible to connect with multiple devices. It’s ability to communicate with other gadgets virtually makes the PF1500 a smart complement to a home or business.

1920x1080p resolution- if you’ve ever desired a high-output projector model, then the PF1500 suits your needs. The device’s high resolution ensures great image quality.


  • Small, compact and portable
  • Smart applications
  • HDMI/MHL compatibility


  • Image brightness is standard fare
  • 3D missing
  • Low quality inbuilt audio-3w speakers


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The LG PF1500 measures 5.2 x 8.7 x 3.3 inches and weights a paltry 3.3 pounds. As such, the projector is very light and portable. In case you intend to use it for making conference presentations away from the office, then carrying its will be fuss-free. However, the projector’s while color means you have to keep tidying it up as its prone to becoming dusty and revealing its fairly easily.

The projector’s fan and connection ports are located on the device’s side, which may not appeal to every user. The projector is also complemented by a Magic Remote, which makes navigating through the device’s menu akin to using a computer’s mouse. The cursor-like feature on the remote allows the use of the display screen to highlight the aspects they desire.


5stars-300x53Performance: The PF1500 features a large display size. I was able to view a movie on a 120-inch screen comfortably. Despite watching motion pictures on a large screen, you can expect that the projector will not compromise the quality of the images. It is common to experience competing brands in the same class that distort images, making them blurry when the screen display size increases.

Brightness and Quality:

The PF1500 boasts a 150,000:1 contrast ratio, which places the device on a pedestal- a class of its own. After adjusting the contrast, the picture quality was true-to-life, crispier, more toned, and robust. You can also expect smoother images without flicker effects as the PF1500 features a high refresh rate. Projectors that feature a low refresh rate are prone to experiencing flickers and lags in image display. This can be displeasing to some users, who would prefer a distraction-free user experience.

Moreover, the 1400 lumen lamp offers adequate brightness for most users’ viewing needs. The projector’s brightness was sufficient to ensure clear images. Perhaps by enhancing the lamps output, LG could reel in some of the picky buyers who might require a higher output lamp. Moreover, when the projector is to be used during the day in making presentations, more brightness would help to counter the effects of the surrounding environment.

The projector also did a commendable job of maintaining the sharpness of images. The 1920x1080p resolution was a big plus, as it ensured a more immersive and fulfilling viewing experience. The high resolution also enhanced the images, making them more crisp and free from the softening effect that occurs at a longer viewing distance, which would otherwise have been the case while using a different projector. Even at full throttle (power), the projector maintained the images’ shadow details and balanced colors reasonable well.

Lamp Life:

The projector’s lamp has an anticipated 30,000-hour lifespan. The adoption of an LED light source implies that the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the projector is high. Thus, if you consider committing to the PF1500, you can expect less maintenance costs, as you would not have to consider replacing the lamp for as long as you own the projector.


It was also convenient to connect multiple devices. For instance, the dual HDMI ports were very handy when I needed to connect my gaming console and a laptop concurrently. For a user who is in search of a device that features multiple ports for enhanced functionality, the LG PF1500 could be the device of choice. However, a major downside of the projector is the failure to include 3D capability.


4starsPrice: As a best-in-class model, you would expect to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase the device. Although it seems pricy, the projector is reasonably priced as other similar competing products breach the $1000 price point.

Final Verdict:

The LG PF1500 provides great value for money. You get a host of unique features to suit all your needs while the maintenance cost is non-existent due to the LED lamp. We like this projector so much that it also features on our list of the best LED projectors below $1000. The only issue users generally have with non-DLP projectors is the lower brightness, but with 1400 lumens, the PF1500 takes care of that issue. As a new 2015 model, this projector is definitely worth some serious consideration.

LG PF1500


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