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Technology is fast changing and so are the ways through which we can send data to a projector. It is mainly classified into two groups: wired and wireless. The traditional and older models involve hard-wiring a cable between the source and the projector. Generally, the cable used will be VGA or HDMI. Traditional mode produces the most stable transmission of data but hard wiring is not possible in all cases which gives rise to a more flexible mode called wireless through Wireless Projector Adapter. It is possible to convert a cable (VGA) device to a wireless one using a wireless projector adapter.  Wireless mode involves a number of ways to transmit the information, which depends on the type of source (laptop, DVD player etc.) and the information (2D/3D signals) to be transmitted.

Through using this adapter the need to use wires is eliminated since this type of adapter does not require any wire. All one needs is to choose the right wireless projector adapter that has the necessary features. One can readily know the right adapter to purchase by comparing devices from some of the renowned manufacturers.

Wireless Projector Connection – How it works?

Wireless dongles are used for wireless projector connection. Compatibility of the USB (universal serial bus) input of the projector and the wireless dongle needs to be checked beforehand. Projector manufacturers that offers optional wireless dongles for their projectors are BenQ, Epson, InFocus, Optoma, Sony and NEC. Some wireless dongles may not support the transmission HD videos, although most will support power-point presentations or pictures.

To successfully transmit content wirelessly, first the manufacturers proprietary wireless software (via a supplied CD with the projector or as a separate download from the manufacturer website) is installed in the source equipment as it will work in conjunction with the wireless dongle. Next, the wireless dongle is inserted into the USB port on the projector and a connection between the source equipment and dongle is made. Once connected, the installed manufacture software is launched. This software looks for the projector and once found, it would display the information on the projector. You can either choose between a VGA dongle or a USB one, depending on which port you’d like to use.


Wireless Connection To Projectors:

Optoma: Optoma is among the top manufacturers of projectors for business, audio/video and home entertainment, with comprehensive ranges to exceed the expectations of every user. One of the popular wireless adapters that seems to work on Optoma Projectors is the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver (It may not work with all, please confirm from seller/manufacturer). This particular adapter is designed in a manner that it is compatible with different kinds of projectors. It has 11b/g/n consequently making it adequately powerful. It also has a data rate of 54Mbps which is enough speed to make the use of the projector better. The fact that it is compatible with projectors makes it more appropriate to use It is also small in size which makes carrying and keeping it more convenient. Using it is easy where one just needs to follow the instructions that come with it.

ViewSonic: Another popular adapter for projectors is the ViewSonic WPD-100 adapter. This particular adapter is used through putting it in a usb port on the projector. It has a transmission speed of 54 Mbps which also makes it convenient to use It is designed in a manner that is compatible with various viewSonic projectors. Using this particular projector is also simple since it comes even with detailed instructions. Furthermore, its size and dimensions makes it easy to store and carry this adapter conveniently.

Epson: Epson produces another popular wireless adapter that provides wireless projector connection. Using this adapter is simple since it does not even require installation of any software. It is also endowed with enough speed to make using of it more convenient. The speed is important especially while using a projector to explain details to people. This adapter is also compatible with different kinds of projectors consequently making it ideal. It also has ample power which ensures its usage is more convenient. While purchasing this adapter one just needs to go through its features to ensure that it is compatible with the projector it is to be used on This is important because the efficiency of the adapter primarily depends on its compatibility with the projector.

Full Wireless Kit:

You also have the option of buying a full wireless HDMI adapter for projector as they provide easier installation. Nyrius ARIES Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter full wireless kit includes various accessories. It permits the same image to be visualized on two distinct displays, one wired and other wireless and can send through both walls and floors. A wireless kit consist of multiple security levels and is featured with On-board video decoding for rapid and smooth playback. It allows the user to connect and display from multiple computers simultaneously.


It would be hard to suggest a good projector wireless adapter because of the many variables this decision depends on. Usually the manufacturer of your projector will also sell a wireless projector adapter. If it doesn’t, then you have the option of going for a third party device. In any case, converting an old projector to a wireless device will require some research on the buyer’s part. Amazon has many available options with detailed reviews from other users, it is best to read through them and see if you find a device that fits your needs.


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