How to Fix a Torn or Ripped Outdoor Projector Screen


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Rips and scratch are common when it comes to an outdoor movie screen. Regular usage of the screen can do a tremendous amount of damage to the screen. Have you faced the same situation? Entirely clueless how to repair those torn or rips? Thankfully there is a simple process to fix them. Just you need to be careful so that you can hide the repaired job as much as possible.

Note: Always remember if the cuts are too long, then it is better to replace it as there is no use of repairing a large torn.

We need to think about the types of outdoor screens too. There are many types of projector screens like:

  1. Hanging Screen
  2. Standing screen (ex. inflatable)
  3. Material-type screen

How to Fix a Torn or Ripped Outdoor Projector Screen

If you have an inflatable screen and want to repair that, then the repair will be totally different from a material type screen. But repairing the torn of an inflatable screen is comparatively easier than the other types.

Today, I am going to write about how you can repair a ripped outdoor screen. I will talk about all the 3 types mentioned above as they are familiar.

Repairing the Ripped Standing Movie Screen

We are going to talk about the Vinyl screen. When you are going to fix the torn on vinyl screen, just make sure you are not pulling the screen at all.

Turn the Blower on

At first, just plug in the blower and turn it on. If you notice that the screen is not properly inflating, it is pretty obvious that you have a problem with the screen. Now just find out the ripple from the screen.

Lie Down the Screen on the Ground

It is better to repair the rear screen first as you want to fix the ripple as much as possible and invisible. At first, carefully lie down the screen on a floor and shut down all the windows so that it doesn’t get affected by wind. If you don’t want to bring the screen on the floor or the clean floor is away from your outdoor theater, you can lie down the screen on the grass. Try to place a wide plastic sheet first before laying down the screen on the grass as it will save the screen from getting affected by dirt and debris.

Tape the back of the Tear

Buy a very good tear tape first. You can buy my recommended tear tape from Amazon. Cut the tape in small portion and stick it to the back of the tear. Make sure that the tape does create a thinner layer on the screen. Otherwise, there will be a problem when you will roll the screen. If the layer is thick it can be seen at night too (okay for the black back though).

Repairing the Poles and Eyelets

We need to sometime pull the screen to make it more smooth and plain using eyelets in some of the projector screen models.  So it can cause a problem too. It can even tear the screen at the corner side if you use the eyelets for a long time. In that case, you need to sew the screen. I recommend you buy a new screen if the corners have long torn or ripple.

Material Type Screen Repairing

  • First and foremost you need to completely spread the rear section of the outdoor movie screen on a clean floor. The room where you will spread the screen should be a well lit so that you can identify the torn areas accurately. Mark those areas with transparent stickers so that you can locate those spots while repairing them.
  • Now you will have to tape the ripped part of the screen, and you will find a lot of tape for movie screen in the market. Avoid using color tapes for covering the ripped areas as it creates a black mark during projection. While fixing the cuts, use little tapes as there might be an issue with translucency. Spread the tape properly so that there isn’t any lump underneath it. However, you won’t face this issue, if your screen has a black rear.
  • Lastly, after applying the tape, you need to allow the tape to dry up for sometime before hoisting it or rolling it. After this, you are ready to use your outdoor screen for the movie experience.

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