HealthmateForever T12AB Review


Why should more people start using TENS machines? – Because even if they don’t take away the worst of pain, they still don’t damage major organs as much as long-term drug use.

Not only that, but they’re also very easy and safe to use, as long as you’re not wearing a pacemaker.

We reviewed the T12AB to find out what separates mid-range popular TENS units from premium models such as this one.

We’ve analyzed the same key metrics we always do but we’ve also taken a closer look at some of the unique features that add even more value

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a superior TENS machine to the T12AB. HealthmateForever has established quite a reputation in TENS and EMS machines by putting as much of an emphasis on build quality and performance as they do on quality of life features.

Though not highly affordable, the T12AB is still a viable product for home use. It is designed for rehabilitating patients, people with serious chronic pains, and most importantly for people that experience pain in more than one area on their body. If you’re looking for something that works fast, this may be the solution.

Although the T12AB supports a total of eight pads, the package only has six pads in three different designs. All the wiring is included as well as a rechargeable battery with a USB wall adapter. An instruction manual, a touchpen, and a lifetime warranty card can also be found inside the box.

Let’s start things off by addressing one fact that is sure to rub some people the wrong way. The T12AB is expensive, more expensive than most TENS and TENS/EMS combo units on the market. Does it offer plenty of bang for your buck? – It sure does. It’s just not for everyone’s budget, and that’s ok.

The dual isolated channel output is the main draw of this device. With it, you can run two simultaneous programs on different parts of your body. You can also adjust them for different current intensities. In terms of versatility, the T12Ab is hands down at the top of the food chain.

One minor drawback is the fact that there are only 10 intensity levels. Some people prefer adjusting programs in smaller increments. And, before you jump to any conclusions, note that having 10 intensity levels doesn’t mean less power. It just means that you can’t adjust the current output in small increments, the jump will be bigger from one setting to the next.

The display is massive, basically covering 90% of the unit. But you know what this means. Touchscreen operation. This also means that the screen is backlit,so you can use the device anytime anywhere. The screen can also be locked so that you don’t accidentally mess up the settings mid-session.

What about programs? – There are 40 pre-programmed settings for various muscle groups, types of pain, etc. As if the sheer number of programs weren’t enough, wait until you see the touchscreen in action. Unlike 90% of TENS machines that come with a standard screen and 4 to 5 metric display, the T12AB shows images of suggested targeted areas next to each program number.

This renders the instruction manual almost useless which is quite an uncommon thing to see. It’s no wonder that it costs as much as it does. It’s hard finding something equally user-friendly and intuitive in terms of navigation and customization.

Other than the higher price tag than we’re accustomed to seeing, this TENS machine is near perfect in terms of operation and performance. It’s one of the most customizable units for sure and the ability to stimulate multiple body parts at different intensities at the same time is great.

The overall quality is as premium as it gets from HealthmateForever, which is clearly backed by the lifetime warranty. That alone makes this device a worthy purchase if you consider how many TENS machines only offer a 90-day warranty on manufacturing flaws.

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