HealthmateForever HM8ML Review


Some say there’s no cure for sore muscles like a nice ice pack. While there’s definitely plenty of room for ice packs, it’s hard to imagine resorting to using one after you’ve tried a TENS machine for the first time. Whether it’s chronic pain, workout soreness, or just the occasional muscle spasm that just won’t let go.

In this article, we’re looking at one of the top sellers from HealthmateForever, the ever so affordable HM8ML. It can be used anywhere on the body and it has a lot of features packed in, including an LCD screen that puts other devices of its kind to shame.

HealthmateForever is one of the most popular manufacturers of EMS and TENS machines. The company’s devices range from budget-friendly basic models to premium models with hundreds of adjustable features. The HM8ML is perhaps best described as a mid-range TENS unit, as it is affordable but there’s nothing basic about it.

Other than a transport case, the HM8ML comes with everything you need. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. It also comes with a USB charging cable and a wall adaptor, four gel pads, two sets of wires, and a pad holder.

The HM8ML is one of the easiest TENS units to operate. It doesn’t have too many modes, just 8, but they are easy to set and customize to your particular needs. The device is also a dual channel model which means you can cover as much or as little skin area as you need or save battery life as needed.

Speaking of battery life, the HM8ML is at the high end of these devices. The rechargeable lithium batteryworks for about 10 hours when used continuously.

Most of the programs are pre-programmed for a maximum of 60 minutes per session. Depending on how bad the pain is, you can set the timer for any period between 10 and 60 minutes. Once you’ve set your sights on a particular mode, it’s time to make some current intensity adjustments to optimize your treatment.

There are 20 levels of intensity you can play with. But, keep in mind that the current output is a maximum of 80mA so the HM8ML is not as powerful as other devices in its price range. Still, it has plenty of other things going for it.

Screen readability is a major problem with some TENS gadgets. The HM8ML comes with a rather large LCD screen which takes up about 40% of the size of the controller. The display is also lit which means you can easily use the device at night without having to shine your smartphone on it or turn on the light.

Although the HM8ML is a rather compact unit, it is one of the more effective pain relief electric massagers.

A dual output TENS machine is always a good investment if you’re going through rehab, if you’re allergic to pain medication, or if you can’t get rid of your chronic pain.

Due to its light weight and highly adjustable software, the HM8ML is a true pocket TENS unit.

You can place the pads anywhere on the body, select the mode and current intensity, set the timer, and slide the controller in your back pocket. Then, you’re free to go about your daily routine as the pain slowly becomes harder to notice.

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