Garmin Edge 510 Review – Easily Track And Manage Your Cycling Workouts


Bike Computer with optional Heart Rate and Cadence
Activity Profiles
The one thing that used to bug me with the Edge 500 was the data screens. Yes, I could change the data screens for up to 3 bikes, but that was a bit fiddly, 4 or 5 screens to drill down through. With the 510 you can program up to 5 different activity profiles.

Within these activity profiles you select the data fields you want to see. You also select auto lap alerts and other speed, distance, heart rate, cadence, power alerts. To me, that makes complete sense.

When you are doing a COMMUTE (this could be one of your 5 x activity profiles) you might just want to see – Time of Day, Distance and Speed, and you might want cadence alert so you don’t work too hard and get too work all sweaty.

However, when RACING (another possible activity profile) you might want to have a whole screen set up for Heart Rate, another for Power, and another for Speed etc.

You might also want Auto Lapping every 5 miles and Heart Rate Zone alerts etc. This is now possible with the 5 x sport specific user defined Activity Profiles. Before you start a ride you just swipe across the screen to select your Activity Profile.

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