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Gaming Projectors are currently being hyped up as the next big leap in the home gaming experience. With many gamers still using TV’s, Projector manufacturers see a lot of room for maneuver in what they expect to be a huge market over the coming years. So they’re shouting from the rooftops about all the benefits of Projectors. But they’re leaving out some problems too. Who can blame them right? You don’t sell in big numbers by concentrating on any flaws. I’m not about sales though. I’m about information so I’m going to be giving you the cold truth here. So if you’re gaming on a Projector, here’s what you should expect.

More say on where you play

Yep, Projectors aren’t like TV’s. they’re not huge and heavy. In fact some weigh just a few pounds and you can carry them in your pocket. You can often throw up an image on the ceiling, the wall or any other flat surface. You can take them anywhere in the house and get images within a few minutes. It’s difficult to carry a TV around the house with you so you’re stuck with playing games wherever you TV is located. You can also go play at a friends house easier. Say someone is using the TV over there. Like your friends little sister whose watching cartoons. You don’t have to wait half an hour until shes finished anymore. Instead you can go upstairs and use the ceiling or the backyard wall. You can also roll out your screen anywhere and you’re gaming in minutes.

More say on the quality of your play

You might have an amazing 60 inch TV. That’s great, but what if your friend has a 21 inch? You’re stuck with playing FIFA soccer on that thing. What if you’re at a hotel and it doesn’t have a TV or the TV is not working? You’re not playing games at all. With a Projector you’ve always got your screen and you’ve always got your device. So, you’ve always got the large images you play on at home wherever you are in the world.

Outside Play

If you wanna go outside Projectors aren’t the same as TV’s. Due to the size of the images, Projectors need to be bright or you won’t be able to see anything. So if you want to play outside in the evening you’ll need 3000 or more Lumens, or you better stick with the TV. Playing outside in the afternoon is not possible with most Projectors. If you tried this you can expect to see practically nothing. This is one of their limitations.

Remote Zoom

Whenever someone says to me: gaming on a projector – what should I expect? I always highlight the Zoom function. You can Zoom in at any time even mid-game using your remote. It’s fun and it’s different from what you might be used to. You can always control the size of your images so play around with it.

Better Quality Images

Image quality is determined by speed, color technology, and pixels. Projectors range between 60HZ and 120HZ in terms of Refresh Rate. Refresh Rate is the speed at which frames appear on screen. You’ll notice Refresh Rate most in action sequences of shooters but it’s also important in platform games that involve a lot of jumping and running. Projectors really come into their own in Color Technology though. Many produce over 1 billions colors and images on the best Projectors can appear far more cinematic than on a normal TV, because Contrast Ratio tends to be higher as well. A high Contrast Ratio will produce very bold and life-like blacks and whites. And, when you combine this with a color wheel throwing out 1 billion colors you often get wonderful images.

Reality Check

You’ve every right to expect the kind of images i just talked about. But getting them is not as simple as you think. If you buy a TV you know what you’re getting. You see the pixel count and you know the type of images you’ll be receiving. That’s because TV’s directly create images. Projections create images indirectly using Crystal or Mirrors to reflect them up onto a surface. So images are produced differently in Projection. There’s more room for mistakes. They’re more complex devices. So if you choose the wrong one you’re stuck with horrible images. Choose the right one and you get those beautiful images i just mentioned. So Projection based gaming is somewhat of a leap into the dark, whereas buying a TV is safe. Read my article on Projectors vs TV’s for more information on how to choose the right Projector so that you’re guaranteed improved images.

Large Screens

Screens go out to 300 inches and range between 100 and 300 inches. But these large images are a double-edged sword. You’re going to create a little Lag Time for gaming on the larger screens because of how much your Projector has to do to throw up an image. This increase in Lag is minimal though. 10 thousandths of a second. So it’s not huge but you should know about it.


If you’ve never used a Projector you’ll find them to be very different from what you’ve become used to. Firstly you can take them anywhere and throw up images on any surface. So you can also expect to enjoy the images you’ve become used to at home, anywhere in the world. And you don’t have to settle for the screen they have at the hotel or at your friends house. Expect to do a lot of research though. Projectors are very complex and there’s a bunch of stuff that goes into making them. You’ll need to ask yourself if you’ll be expecting to play games outside. If so then you need Lumens, What kind of games do you play? If you expect to be playing those detective or mystery games with lots of dark images then you’ll need a Contrast Ratio of over 20,000:1. If you want a 300 inch screen then you’ll have to be prepared to sacrifice a few thousandths of a second in terms of Lag Time. What you can always expect if you choose a Projector with good color technology is cinematic images that your can zoom in on. Thank you for reading.

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