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Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless, 3200 Lumens Color Brightness

The EX7240 continues Epson’s trailblazing range of portable projectors and sets a new high standard in the industry. With perfect visuals, an easy set-up, easy adjustments and amazing features the Epson EX7240 will captivate your senses and inspire your imagination as to what is possible in terms of work and entertainment. You can really see that a lot of hard work has been done here, to create a projector that builds upon the achievements of earlier models and is both practical and functional.


  • 3 chip technology. Most projectors use 1 chip but Epson didn’t think that was acceptable. With the EX7240 you are provided with triple the image clarity.
  • 10,000 hour lamp life. Nobody wants to buy a projector and then have to replace the lamp. Well, now you don’t have to.
  • Wireless capabilities so you can move about at your leisure, but Epson have also provided multiple connection options if you did wish to use wires. USB, HDMI, RCA, S Video
  • 3200 lumens of white brightness and colour brightness.
  • HD video’s can be shown via streaming sites from phones and tablets
  • Quick set-up
  • High native resolution Full HD 1280-800


  • Slightly noisy, but not overly so and not noticeably so.
  • 350 inch maximum screen, so you’ll be stuck with a TV set you don’t need


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The Epson EX7240 is really very easy to take around with you, whether that be commutes to work or to a friends house for a movie. The measurements are 11.7 inches by 9.2 inches by 3.2 inches at a weight of 5.29 pounds so you can put in a small case and underneath your arm and hardly even know it’s there. The design is typical Epson, in that its well made, curvaceous, compact and nice looking. You won’t be disappointed.


One of the concerns purchasers had of earlier Epson projectors was that while 3 chip technology allowed them to display triple the image clarity of other projectors, the resolution could have been higher. Epson have listened and with this model not only do you get the 3 chip technology, but you also get 1280-800 resolution. That’s full HD resolution, at a massive 1,024,000 dots per second with over a billion individual colours. It’s actually better than HD because it’s HD plus the 3 chip image technology for enhanced detail that will make movies and business presentations leap off the page.

Imagine the scenario. It’s a Monday morning, the sun is out and you wake up after spending yesterday evening compiling a vital presentation for work. You get up, get dressed and go into the office where you see the familiar site of your associates tripping over wires while trying to set up the expensive office projector to display images in the bright sunlit room. You go in, set the Epson EX7240 down, push the on switch, turn up the white brightness, connect your laptop or tablet in a second wirelessly and start. Brilliant images you prepared on the giant screen with everything you wanted to say in awesome depth and vivacious natural detail. You don’t have to say it, because what’s on the screen speaks volumes, but you’ve just introduced your co-workers, employees or team members to the 21st century.

A common experience noted by consumers is that on some projectors while viewing movies in light rooms there appears a small imperfection in the right hand top corner of the screen. This was due to the white brightness not being high enough, and Epson have made sure you get nothing but absolutely amazing perfection by ramping up the white brightness to 3200. This will become the standard in the industry for maximum viewing quality in any light.

Final Verdict:

The Epson EX7240 doesn’t cost a huge amount for what it gives you. You’re getting full HD, wireless use, 3 chip technology, portability, 3200 lumens and a fast set-up for a very reasonable amount of money. Why settle for something with a little less features and a lot less quality when you can choose the Epson EX7240.

Epson EX7240 Pro

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