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Dell 1510X Projector Review

Dell aren’t a company you often associate with Projection. They’re known for their Computers and Monitors, but they’ve made a fair few excellent Projectors over the years even though it’s not their main area of expertise. The interesting thing with these large company’s is that they often import technology from other devices into Projection. We’ve seen that with Samsung, and I wondered if Dell would continue this tradition and how positive or negative these imported technology’s would be. I also wondered if the pre-release talk about the 1510X wasn’t too optimistic. Dell where very vocal about how versatile it was, and how good the picture was. They even boasted of some surprising features that may not have been seen before on a Projector. Well, let’s see whether the finished product really lived up to the advertising. Did it fly high or sink low? Will it make you feel like you spent wisely, or are going to be sitting at home wishing you’d bought another model? This is the Dell 1510X Projector (Dual VGA, HDMI, RJ45 XGA 3500 ANSI Lumens) (5VY3T) review.


  • 3500 Lumens
  • 1024×768 Native Resolution
  • 3D Ready
  • Great Picture Detail
  • Very Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of Connections
  • BrilliantColor



  • Weak Speakers
  • Generic Design


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

I’ve seen prettier designs that this. It’s very formal and business-like with it’s square edges, pronounced Vents, and small Lens. It also has a grey color that isn’t very inviting. It has more of the evil charms of Jack Nicholson than it does the warmth of Tom Cruise, but it is incredibly functional. All the controls are easy to follow and are positioned on the top. You can even tilt the 1510X upwards. The tilting mechanism means you don’t have to sit the 1510X on a high table to get a good viewing angle. Put it on a cushion on the floor and tilt upwards until the picture is in-line with your eyes. You don’t see this tilting option all that much and it really benefits users who may have limited places to sit their projector. The weight is only 5.92 pounds, so it’s incredibly portable. for something of this power. The weight really is outstanding and it means you’ll be taking it away to work, friends houses, or even on vacation without it being a burden, The measurements are 15 inches, by 14.2 inches, by 7.1 inches so the size isn’t prohibitive to the portability. It’s ugly, but oh baby is it a good design.



Picture Quality:

The native resolution is 1024×768 and you may be thinking that you can’t remember seeing it before on a Projector. You’d be right because it’s a typical resolution you’d find on a Dell Computer Monitor. They’ve imported the resolution into their Projection designing and to make up for the fact that it’s not exactly 1920x1080p Full HD they’ve thrown in BrilliantColors technology. BrilliantColor is a company that designs Color Wheels and these determine as much as pixel count does, the quality of image you’ll be viewing. There’s an amazing Color Wheel here. Over one billion unique colors and shades are produced, and these enable the 1510X to display stunning detail. Movies and games appear alive, with magnificent clarity. The Color Wheel is the triumph here and it seems to work with the 1024×768 pixel count surprisingly well to give you something just as good as 1080p. You may be wondering why Dell didn’t just create a machine with a 1080p resolution to start with. I’m wondering the same thing. They certainly would have saved on color technology.

The Contrast Ratio is only 2100, but it doesn’t really matter because the 3500 Lumens make the 1510X bright enough to display blacks and whites with a crisp boldness to them. The 3500 Lumens also enable you to watch in the afternoon without the curtains or blinds drawn on all but the most sunniest days. Deliver presentations in the office without turning off the lights, throw up images on an outside wall at 4pm. The Lumens make this bright and incredibly portable. But, the Lamp Life is only 4000 hours. This is below the average so you have to weigh up whether the portability you get with the Lumens makes up for the added running cost of replacing the bulb every few years.


They’ve been rather generous with the connections. There’s two VGA ports which leads me to believe that Dell are trying to sell this to businesses with offices as well as to private individuals for entertainment and work. Anyone with two computers can hook them both up to the 1510X at once and it does excel in data display meaning it can show readable text at very small font sizes. So, it’s perfect for presentations. They’ve included a nice security feature too, enabling you to store a password inside the unit so that if you leave it somewhere, nobody else will be able to access it. You’ll know that none of your work will ever be lost, and any one who steals it will find it useless.

On-board speakers and other features:

The Speakers are quite weak and this is one of the only problems in an otherwise great design. Do you have Speakers of your own that you can use the USB port to connect? If not you’ll have to buy some. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to do this. The 1510X is 3D Ready and in this case it means that you can watch 3D images simply by buying glasses and hooking a 3D Blu-Ray Player up. If you’ve got 3D technology on your computer you can also use one of the VGA sockets to play 3D games on the big screen, or work on a presentation.


Final Thoughts:

The price is rather high but you do get some great features including: 3D, 3500 Lumens, 1024×768 Native Resolution, BrilliantColor, VGA, USB, HDMI, password protection and excellent portability. It’s a quality design and although it’s a little ugly, it has great functionality and a wide range of uses. You can do presentations, watch movies, or play games. Connections are available for many devices including Computers, Phones and Tablets. so you can work with just about any piece of equipment you have. The Speakers do let it down somewhat but the sheer detail in the images, combined with the distortion free 3D, really make up for that. Well worth a purchase if you have the money.

Dell 1510X Projector

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