DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector Review – Pleasantly Surprised!


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DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector Review


I wanted to review the DBPOWER RD810 Portable LCD Mini Projector with 1600 Lumens because it’s being sold for around 65 Euro’s. That is incredibly low, almost impossibly low for an upscaling 1080p device. So I felt a burning desire to find out how they got down to such small figures. It seemed great for people with not much money to spend because it gives those buyers the chance to enjoy big screen images without breaking the bank. If of course those images are to a good standard, and I’ll be discussing with you whether they were in this article. I’ll also be answering many more questions about the DBPOWER RD810 Mini Portable LCD Projector and when you’ve finished reading you’ll be an expert just like me.

DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector


  • 1600 Lumens
  • Upscaled 1080p
  • Portable
  • 1000-1 Contrast Ratio
  • Connects with Phones. Laptops, PC’s, Tablets and Games Consoles
  • Easy Set-Up



  • Not the Strongest of Builds



I didn’t expect much in terms of attractiveness for around 65 Euro’s and I didn’t get much. It’s a black box with a Lens. There’s the traditional DBPOWER Keystone wheel on the top and basic controls like: play, pause, stop, rewind and fast forward. You get some Vents on the side which are well-sized but other than that there’s nothing much in terms of design to write home about. Functional is always the word in the budget market and that is what you get here. The measurements are: 7.4×2.75×5.90 inches so it’s very portable and can fit into any small bag or purse. The weight is 2.1 pounds which carries on the portable theme they were going for. So, if you like portable, easy to carry around small Projectors then you’ll love this design. Unless you’re prone to breaking things because the DBPOWER RD810 is not the strongest of builds.


Special Features:


The user-interface is very friendly, so you shouldn’t need long to set-up. Simply follow the instructions and almost immediately you’ll be throwing up images. Using the Keystone to level out an image is easy, but it can import distortions so tread carefully. You’ll watching a movie in under 10 minutes though.



Throw Distance

Throw Distance is about how far back you need to place a Projector to get optimum pictures. The throw here is 1.5-5 meters. Now, at 5 Metres you’ll get a 176-inch screen, but it isn’t all that good. Your best option is to place the DBPOWER 1600 Lumens 2-2.5 metres back and from there you’ll get terrific images 130 inches in size. They say things are easy when you know how. Well, now you know how.



It’s not as simple as connecting devices up via a cable. For iPhones, iPads and Smartphones you’ll need a Wireless HDMI Adapter sold separately. For Androids you’ll need an MHL Adapter. And then the connections are simple. It’s a case of plug in, and the DBPOWER will mirror your Phone or Pad screen. Android 5.0 and above can be connected straight away without any further purchase via one of the two USB slots. PC’s can also be connected straight away via the VGA Port and Games consoles will connect via any HDMI Cable you have lying around the house.

So there’s a little work to do, but once you’ve got your devices connected up, you do get full-mirroring of their screens and you’ll be able to play any online games, stream movies or visit any online site on a large screen.

DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector Review


There’s 1600 Lumens so this Projector is to be used in the dark only. If you try viewing in the light, you won’t get a good picture at all.


1000-1 Contrast Ratio

This is very important and buyers often disregard it, but do that at your peril. Contrast Ratio determines how bold and sharp your blacks and whites will be. And, if you ever watch gangster movies you’ll know how important bold blacks and whites are. The 1000-1 Contrast Ratio you get on this is the market leader for the price. The average below 150 Euro’s is 500-1 so it’s twice as good. Blacks and Whites appear stark and vibrant like they jump out of the screen at you. You could get a much higher Contrast Ratio but you’d be paying 300 Euro’s.


Image Quality

The native resolution is 800×480 and as with all DBPOWER Projectors, there is the option of upscaling to 1080p. And, you should take this option because 800×480 is not adequate for games or movies. You could use the native resolution for surfing the net but never for home entertainment. So go through the resolution list and upscale to 1080p, but note that this is not full HD 1080p. Instead the DBPOWER will guess the missing pixels needed to boost you up and what you’ll finish up with will be something close though not quite 1080p. For 65 Euro’s it’s still incredibly good though and there aren’t many distortions. Images do appear bright and clear. A step down from the Cinema but a step up from the TV set.


Final Thoughts

At only around 65 Euro’s it’s difficult to be critical of an upscaled 1080p Projector. But, if I chose to be critical I’d start with the design which is flimsy. So don’t drop it. On the other hand, if you’re careful with it, the RD810 will last you a long time. On the upside, the throw distance is very competitive, the pictures are excellent, distortions are rare and the screen gets up to 176 inches. Not bad for 65 Euro’s. The Contrast Ratio is also good and it would still be good at twice the price. 1000-1 gives you bold blacks and whites that really come to the fore in Video Gaming. View in the dark only and don’t use for work presentations as the Lumens aren’t enough in number to show small text clearly. Overall, great value for the money and an array of connections. Thank you for reading.

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