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Crenova® XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens Review They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To effectively instill knowledge to the students, illustrate points effectively during business presentations and seminars, and to also get the best of home entertainment, there is need for a piece of equipment that is capable of delivering the highest quality of images, graphics and text. The Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens is designed to meet that exact need. It is a projector that basically beams images onto walls and other obstacles and thus makes them clearly legible for the purposes of accomplishing the said objectives. It forms the basis of the proceeding review:

Features and Technical Specifications of Crenova XPE600:

The following are the main features and technical specifications of the Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens:

  • Size/Design: The dimensions of this appliance are pretty amazing. It weighs only 6.8 pounds (3 kg). It is thus very easy to lift around and transport to the intended scene of use with minimal inconveniences. It also has the ability to create screen sizes ranging from 30 inches to 200 inches making it fit for all types of uses from home entertainment to business presentations.


  • Performance: The projector is designed to deliver very outstanding performance and results. Its short projection distance of just about 1.2 meters to 6 meters makes it suitable for use in private homes where space constraints is an issue. It projects images in three main methods namely front, rear, and ceiling. Further to that, the images are able to be reversed up to 360�.


  • Price: This equipment is fairly affordable when weighed against its degree of sophistication and the potential benefits that users stand to derive from it. Moreover, it is accompanied by manufacturer’s warranty which further cushions the users against any losses or damages arising out of its use for a period of one year effective from the date of purchase.


  • Picture Quality: The projector produces very sharp and clear images indeed. Its resolution is 800 by 480 dots per inch. Picture quality is further enhanced by 6 layer coatings and glass lenses that jointly enhance the clarity and transparency of pictures.


  • Energy Consumption: This projector is designed to greatly minimize the consumption of energy. This is made possible by the existence of an LED light bulb which has a lifespan of around 20,000 hours and consumes up to 70% less electrical energy.


  • Compatibility: The projector is designed to accommodate and work hand in hand with several other digital devices and inputs such as high definition multimedia interface (HDMI), universal serial bus (USB memory card), video graphics array (VGA), standard and digital television (TV & DTV), YPBPR input, personal computers, smart phones, set top box, and indeed, more besides. It therefore returns maximum value for money besides offering lots of convenience to the users.


The use of the Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens confers the following benefits and advantages to the users:

  • Versatility: The device is suited for a wide range of functions thus returning maximum value for money to the users.


  • Durability: The projector is made of very tough and long lasting parts which are resistant to damages.


  • Energy Saving: Its LED bulb has the ability to save up to 70% of energy.


  • Affordability: It is fairly cheap and affordable.


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: It comes along with a 12-month (1 year) warranty which sufficiently safeguards users against any losses or damages.


Below is the major shortcoming of the Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens:

  • Complexity: The projector can be complicated for the first-time user.

Final Verdict:

The search for the most suitable projector clearly ends with the encounter with the Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector 2600 Lumens, the aforementioned shortcoming, notwithstanding. This is due to the fact that it incorporates all the key attributes of the ideal projector in one simple, compact, and comprehensive package

Crenova XPE600

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