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Celluon PicoPro Ultra-portable Laser HD Projector with Miracast or HDMI Connectivity

The idea behind the Celluon PicoPro, was that it would be so portable that you could carry it around, much like a mobile phone. They also promised some pretty neat stuff, like HD viewing, versatility, and an all-round cinema going experience, from the comfort of an armchair. These where big boasts, but why not; after all, 5 years ago laser projectors where highly expensive, and only catering for a niche market, but now this interesting technology is widely available, with its possibilities being endless. I wrote this Celluon Picopro: Ultra-portable Laser HD Projector review, with the aim of informing buyers as to whether this particular attempt to being laser projection technology to the mass market, was successful.

Celluon PicoBit Laser Video Projector, Blackamazon

 – Update, PicoPro not available so listed updated version. 


  • Long Battery Life
  • HD viewing
  • Easy set-up
  • Good accessory’s
  • Excellent portability
  • Longer lifespan than lamp-based projectors
  • Huge contrast ratio



  • No picture adjustment
  • Only 35 lumens


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

They where certainly successful on the first promise they made, as it is just like carrying a mobile phone around with you. It’s the same shape and size as a mobile phone, and actually looks like one. The measurements are 6 inches in length, by 3 inches of width and there’s a depth of 0.5 inches, so we’re talking about a very thin device that can be easily placed on a mantle piece, or cabinet. The thinness, however, is also an issue, because these type of products can be damaged easily if dropped or knocked, so buyers should bear that mind.



Set-ups are getting easier in the world of projection, as companies respond to what buyers need, and this Celluon Picopro is no exception to this trend. It can be completed in ten minutes, but be careful to follow the instructions in the order given.

A laser projector generates its light from lasers, rather than a lamp, and this is the first advantage they have. Lamps depreciate quickly over time, with many having a 5000 hour lifespan, whereas as lasers lose brightness less quickly and should last for 50 years of constant viewing. So, provided buyers treat this projector well, they should never have to replace it, unlike non-laser projectors which should only last around 6 years.

The PicoPro has only 35 lumens, which means you wouldn’t be able to view with as much clarity on the bright day, and in any sunlight at all, curtains must be drawn or blinds pulled down. That said, the laser light source is brighter than a lamp, so will compensate and create a performance level, that is much better than 35 lumens

The picture here is excellent, with a resolution of 1920x720p, so you’re getting full HD viewing, and with 16.7 million colours, the images on movies and games, will be much more vibrant than on a normal television. The contrast ratio on the Celluon PicoPro is 80,000-1, and this will further help the projector create clarity. The contrast ratio is so high in fact, that you’re likely to be viewing images in better than full HD, so they really did deliver cinema quality, especially with a screen size of 150 inches max.

There are however two issue’s; firstly, the screen size, although 150 inches max, does degrade after you reach 110 inches, but this is something that happens on most projectors. Secondly, their are no adjustments available for buyers to make for viewing at any angle, so its up to you, to be in the right position. So, if you’re taking it into the office for a presentation, you should come prepared.

It does make streaming easy, connecting to almost any device. Connection is wireless and fast, so your going to be able to take this to a friends house and immediately access any online music or movie content. It comes with an MHL cable, a carry case, a Samsung adapter, and a holding mount, which are things buyers usually purchase separately, so it helps that you already have them in the box.


Final Verdict:

It has only 35 lumens and you can’t make adjustments, but most buyers in this market would trade both of those things in for the great picture and super-portability the Celluon PicoPro provides. I really can’t complement the picture here enough, and 16.7 million colors helps to enhance the HD greatly, to cinema-like levels. A great purchase.


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