Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – 2021 Reviews and Top Picks


Why Should You Have Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones?

The biggest advantage of the wireless headphone is that you are no longer dealing with a wire dangling from your ears to your pocket. If you are a runner, how many times did that wire get in the way of your stride. What about if you are someone who does manual labor – I’m sure that wire has been stuck in something and the headphones were yanked out of your ears. Frankly, if we are living in a society where you can have wireless headphones, best to take advantage.

Noise cancelling is another great feature. Let’s not waste time getting all scientific, but instead get straight to the point. There are two types of noise cancelling – active and passive. Passive noise cancelling is for headphones that go over the ear and cover the entire ear. There is foam padding that is meant to absorb sound waves.

Active noise cancelling involved having a small microphone in the headset that emits sound to cancel out the other sound, this way all you can hear is what you want to hear. The active noise cancelling headphones are much smaller – they actually can be as simple as ear buds! Thanks to noise cancelling technology, listening to your music is easier than ever.

1. Maxtronic QY8

When reviewing headphones there are a number of considerations but ultimately a key component of a good set of headphones is versatility and durability. Bluetooth headphone manufacturers such as Maxtronic understand how this technology enables many advantages not offered by traditional wired headphones and furthermore expands what is available for the Bluetooth headphone user.

The average Bluetooth headphone user sees utility just as important as sound quality. This is why the QY8 – like every other Bluetooth ear bud headphone set has several options to ensure a comfortable fit, convenient storage, and easy connectivity.

As for the design, this is where the QY8’s utility is found. The strap that goes behind the neck is light and unobtrusive, unlike the neckband or DJ-style headphones you will forget you’re even wearing the headphones because there’s no flapping of a cord or over the head device to keep adjusting. The ear buds themselves are small and the different silicone covers allow you to get the best fit for your ear canal while the rotatable ear hooks ensure these ear buds will not fall out, instead comfortably remaining in your ear.

The sound quality is excellent. The bass is much more emphatic than one would expect out of such a small device! Furthermore, when you adjust the sound on your device, these ear buds will effectively convey the subtle tonal changes making your listening experience more authentic as you switch from one genre of music to another.

Where the sound really excels is the volume adjustment panel on the ear buds themselves. The noise cancelling effect allows you to be immersed in your device and it’s scary how the outside world disappears as you get engrossed in your music and/or podcast options. These headphones are perfect for commuters who ride city buses or light rail – no more having to jack up the volume just so you drown out the loud conversation of the couple next to you.

If you are not the discerning type when it comes to sound quality, there are a few key features you should note about the QY8. The first is the myriad of options with the ear hooks and the silicone ear bud covers. Finding the right fit for your ear has never been easier and the best part is you never have to worry about the ear buds slipping out and having to re-insert them.

Connecting via Bluetooth is easy enough, and the QY8 has a 6-hour battery life but 5 hours for calls. There is a volume adjustment on one of the ear buds and it’s very easy to set the right volume in conjunction with your device.

If I’m going to be picky, the one drawback is the charging feature. There is a silicone micro-USB cover and if you lose the little tool it becomes irritating to remove the cover to charge the ear phones. That being said, this is easy to MacGyver. A paperclip, staple, needle, or any similar object will easily pop this cover open, but there’s something to be said for having the ability to easily open the cover with your fingernail. Alas, I’m being picky though.

When considering getting a pair of the best noise cancelling headphones, make sure that you spend your time truly evaluation how you plan to use them. All of these headphones provide exceptional sound and their noise-cancelling functions are unbelievable. However, if you buy headphones that don’t align with your lifestyle you will either never use them or use them incorrectly. These reviews provide a clear guide on when and how to use your headphones.

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