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With so many small portable projectors on the market, and so much jargon, it’s often difficult to make a choice. In this complicated arena, with so many options, buyers want to know the answer to one question:

Which is the best small projector?

In the following article, I will break through the jargon, and breakdown the numbers, leaving you with the four best small projectors out there, so that when you come to make a choice, you won’t have to accept second best.

Best Small Projector Reviews

1. Sony Pico Mobile Projector (MPCL1) – Our Choice

Sony Pico Mobile projector (MPCL1)The Sony Pico mobile projector is quite simply a wonderful product. We think it’s the best out there, because it’s small enough to fit into your pocket, but it’s also very powerful. 1920x720p HD images, combined with Wi-Fi.

HDMI, and MHL connections, make this an incredibly versatile option, for buyers who want HD clarity from a projector. You can stream movies very quickly on this, and the fast response rate makes the Sony Pico, a fantastic gaming experience.

The overall visual beauty in both games and movies, is enhanced further by an 80,000-1 contrast ratio, and some superb color processing technology, that left us astounded. In our opinion, this is the best small projector out there right now. Read Full Review…

2. RIF6 Cube 2″ Pico DLP High-Res Mobile Projector – Buyers Choice

RIF6 Cube

The RIF6, since its release, has become a global sensation, with huge sales both in Europe, and in the US. It’s so popular because everybody these days, has a Smartphone or tablet, and the RIF6 Cube, is designed to connect easily with these devices, and to throw up images quickly, on any surface.

The RIF6 Cube was heavily promoted as a big step forward in connectivity with these devices, to address the needs of consumers, whose only complaint about their phone or tablet, was the small screens. T

he RIF6 has a 120 inch screen, and the image put forward by the manufacturer was that buyers would use it as an accessory to these other mobile devices. Its low weight and small size, allows them, to easily do this, and the sharp pictures it projects make smartphone and tablet use, a greatly enhanced experience. It’s success is clearly demonstrated, by customers flocking to stores around the around to snap one up. Read Full Review…

3. AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector – Critics Choice

AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector-Expert Review

The P300 has become a darling of the critics, who have referred to it as a masterpiece in projection design, with its use of Texas Instruments color technology, and HD native resolution, inside a device that is small enough to fit into a bag or large pocket.

The visual performance of a projector depends upon the technology used to project colors, as much as the amount of pixels it has, and Texas Instruments are simply the best manufacturer of color technology in the world. As such the colors produced here appear far more vibrant, realistic, and smooth, than those you’d expect from a normal HD device; it’s HD plus Texas Instruments, and it’s a huge design success.

With more than 15,000 hours of life, and a powerful 120 inches of screen size, it seems like everything inside this tiny projector has been carefully chosen to produce outstanding performance. The critics love the design, they love the pixel performance, and they’ve been pretty complementary about way it looks too. Read Full Review…

4. iRULU Portable Multimedia 2600 lumens Mini LED Projector – Budget Choice

iRULU Portable Multimedia 2600 Lumens Mini LED Projector with VGA USB SD AV HDMI for Home Cinema Theater, Child Games or Business Presentations and Meetings Black

If someone had told me five years ago, that one day they’ll be a projector on the market for around $150, that was completely portable, had 800×400 resolution, with the ability to support 1080p, and contained 2600 lumens, with a battery life of 20,000 hours; I’d have advised that person to seek medical help.

But five years later here we are, and the iRULU is all of those things, in exactly that price range. If you’re on a budget, but you want quality, the iRULU represents a great deal, because you can play games, watch movies, and give presentations anywhere, and all on its 130 inch screen.

Weighing only 4.8 pounds, and coming in a very small size, the iRULU can be easily transported, and is very simple to turn on and set-up, when you want to use it. While the speakers are only 3W, and you need an extra cord to hook it up to your smartphone, this hasn’t represented a problem to most buyers, given the low price. Read Full Review…


When it comes to choosing the best small projector, there is no easy way out. So we used a slightly different format in this compilation article by mentioning the best small projectors favored by us, the buyers and the critics. Who you choose to listen to depends on you, the choice is now yours.

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