Best Portable ECG Monitors In 2021 (Our Reviews)


A portable ECG (electrocardiogram, also abbreviated as EKG) monitor can be a life-saver as it measures if your heart is functioning properly or not.

However, you might still wonder how to choose the best portable ECG monitor. To help you narrow down the choice and make a wise decision, this write-up features some of the best models available.

​Portable ECG Monitors Comparison Chart

Our Portable ECG Monitor Reviews

1. Alivecor® KardiaMobile

The Alivecor KardiaMobile is an exceptionally designed portable ECG monitor that you can take with you anywhere.

The monitor itself doesn’t feature any screen since it’s designed for use with a smartphone app.

Besides taking ECGs no matter where you are, with the basic package you can also share them with your doctor and keep tabs on your blood pressure. But the premium package has much more to offer.

If you opt for the premium, you get unlimited ECG cloud storage, monthly printed reports, and the ability to track medication (with reminders).

Regardless of the package, one of the best features of this ECG monitor is its speed. Once you launch the app and place your fingers on the device, it takes only 30 seconds for an accurate ECG.

In addition, this Alivecor KardiaMobile is FDA-cleared for its ability to safely monitor normal heart rhythm or spot atrial fibrillation.

  • FDA approved: Yes
  • Screen: No
  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Accuracy: Yes
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Connectivity: Wireless

If your account for the compact and easy-to-use design, ECG accuracy, and data-sharing option, the KardiaMobile is among the best portable monitors. In addition, it is reasonably priced.

The screenless design may not be for everybody – there are still senior citizens who don’t own a smartphone. Some might also be turned off by the premium package upsell.


  • Exceptional compact design
  • Shareable data
  • Dedicated smartphone app
  • Accurate ECG readings
  • FDA-cleared 30-second results


  • No screen – needs a smartphone and app
  • Upsell package


This portable ECG monitor sports a 1.77-inch TFT-LCD display which shows the measurements in full color. In addition to the accurate ECG, the PM10 also displays time, battery life, and pulse.

The PM10 is FDA-certified so you know it’s safe. What’s more, it features a convenient handheld design which makes it a breeze to use.

You can hold the device in your hands or place it against your heart, leg, or forearm and get the ECG in about 10 seconds. The Contec PM10 also gives you the option to save all of the recorded data, which you can print out.

Simply upload the recordings to the dedicated cloud platform for analysis and checkup. This unit has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The battery is rated for about 500 measurements on a single charge.

  • FDA approved: Yes
  • Screen: Yes
  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Accuracy: Yes
  • Battery life: 500 measurements
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless

The PM10 portable ECG monitor has a nice color LCD that significantly improves readability even in low light conditions. In addition, it delivers fairly accurate results in only 10 seconds.

This monitor also features an intelligent design which makes it very easy to use. And it comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an option to upload the data to the cloud.

For all the things that it does well, the PM10 is by a little-known manufacturer.


  • Great screen
  • Compact handheld design
  • History lookup
  • 10-second ECG
  • FDA-passed

3. Heart Check Pen

The FDA clearance ensures the safety of this compact ECG monitor. In addition, the Heart Check Pen features a small LCD screen that shows the ECG, battery life, and time.

As its name suggests, this is a pen-like design. Just turn on the unit, hold it with both hands, and wait 30 seconds for the results.

After the measurement is over, you can save your data by pressing the OK button. The unit can create a small database of 20 heart rhythm recordings for uploading.

Upload the data to your PC would allow your doctor to easily take a look at the recordings. On the other hand, there is no smartphone app to complement this unit.

However, you can easily send the data directly to the physician, rather than print it out. The Heart Check Pen is accompanied by a free GEMS Home software that enables the uploads.

This unit comes with a 3-month manufacturer warranty.

  • FDA approved: Yes
  • Screen: Yes
  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Accuracy: Yes
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Connectivity: USB

The things that go in favor of this portable ECG monitor are its intuitive design and ease of use. Like most other ECG monitors, it is also FDA cleared so you don’t need to worry about safety.

It is great that the unit stores 20 recordings that can be easily uploaded via the GEMS Home software.

This monitor is in the upper price range and for the price, it would be nice to have a smartphone app. In fact, it works best on Windows machines, not Macs.


  • Compact pen-like design
  • FDA certified
  • Stores 20 readings
  • Easy to use
  • 2 AAA batteries


  • Upper price range
  • Incompatibility issues with Mac

4. EMAY Portable ECG Monitor

The thing about getting a heart monitor is that it almost inevitably needs to come with you everywhere your heart does; no one wants to be tethered to a heart monitor near a bed, so a smaller and more efficient machine is needed. This device answers all of these qualities admirably, giving you the accurate monitoring you need in a machine that you can keep in your pocket all day long. 

Physically speaking, the machine measures only three and a half inches to a side, and one inch at each end, making it easily portable in a purse, pocket, backpack, or even your hand if you don’t have far to go. It weighs all of three and a half ounces, so users can carry it freely with no fear of being slowed or weighed down by their monitor. 

Your heart doesn’t particularly care what operating system or computer you use, and neither does this monitor – it is fully compatible with all major platforms, both desktop, and mobile, and comes with proprietary applications for managing the device settings, storing reports, and graphing data for any computer or mobile device you care to connect. Some of the operations can be performed on the device itself; while it has only a limited amount of memory, even that can be critical if you detect an anomaly in your pulse. 

Among the more practical applications of this is that the user can, with no outside assistance, generate clinical reports to be delivered to their health care practitioner. Many users would need a specialist otherwise, and this machine saves them time, effort, expense, and space all in one purchase. 

The main issue with it is that as versatile as it is, this model has a relatively short memory, able to hold only thirty seconds of records. The interface is similarly limited, with only rudimentary controls that make it hard to read data on the go. 


  • Small and compact
  • Compatible with most platforms
  • Versatile


  • Limited memory
  • Limited user interface


5. Funchic Multi-Parameter Machine

When it comes to your heart, you need to make sure that you are getting your information as clearly and precisely as possible; even minor deviations could lead to serious errors in your diagnosis and treatment and could prove to be a danger to you in the long run. This machine makes sure to keep you fully apprised of your health by giving you a medical-grade display with multiple clear readouts of vital statistics and a powerful battery to keep it running even when not plugged into any equipment. 

Along with the extra-life battery, this tablet has an internal memory that allows patients to reproduce the last five minutes of all readouts at the touch of a button, and conduct and save analyses of their medical data. It comes with ancillary equipment such as a blood pressure cuff as well, so you don’t need to worry about what models are compatible – simply assemble all the components and you’ll be ready for immediate use.

Of equal importance in a piece of medical equipment such as this one is the ability to fully customize alerts of different kinds for various statistics, including temperature, pulse strength, or heart rate. By having a personalized set of reminders for any condition, you can know without checking the screen what warning you are being given; the machine includes options for light, sound, vibration, or sending alerts to a mobile device, all of which can be combined as the user desires for any event. 

This model’s primary drawback is its size, which is too large to be conveniently carried on one’s person without a backpack or briefcase; while neither of these is out of the question, they are somewhat more cumbersome than many would like. The medical element doesn’t come with any spares, either; users will need to take care of the supplies shipped with the device or search for suitable replacements on their own. 


  • Medical grade display
  • Clear readouts of vital statistics
  • Powerful battery
  • Ancillary equipment included
  • Customizable alerts


  • Too large to carry without a bag
  • No additional spares included


All of the portable ECG monitors in this write-up deliver reliable and accurate results, though one model stands out.

The Alivecor® KardiaMobile has all the features you need for continuous ECG checkups and analysis. It is quick, precise, and wireless. On the other hand, if you need a built-in screen, the other 3 choices may suit you better.

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