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Switching to a motorized projector screen can reduce the harmful effects of reflective screens on the eye and optimize your home viewing experience. It’s one thing to watch your favorite shows and movies on a huge flatscreen TV, but they can be bulky, expensive, and straining on your sight. 

If you’re on the hunt for a home motorized projector screen, worry not. We’ve scanned Amazon for the best-motorized projector screens to help you create your own private home theater. 

We’ve taken note of the highlights, features, and pros/cons of each to help you narrow down your shopping choices. 

Read on to find out which remote-controlled screen is the best for viewing your favorite films, shows, videos, and more.

Projector Screen Reviews


1. YODOLLA 100inch Motorized Projection Screen


The YODOLL 100inch Motorized Projection Screen has a 3D, HD electric projector screen designed fully for indoor and outdoor use. You can easily install this lightweight, Best Seller screen on your wall or hang it from the ceiling.

Rest assured that your eyes will experience less strain due to the nature of this screen. The thin (.33 mm screen) comes with 4K 1080P color image quality and a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

One of the best features of this projector screen is the wireless remote control that simulates the TV monitor experience. Use it up to 98 feet away, making your viewing experience totally convenient. 


  • Compatible with LED, LCD, and DLP projectors
  • Low noise design
  • 1.2 gain high contrast screen
  • 160° viewing angle


We particularly like that this Yodollo screen has a wireless and remote-controlled sensitive screen that you can control from almost 100 feet away. Want to use the remote from the kitchen while your screen is in another room? No problem. 

It’s also a high-quality, lower-budget purchase that has lots of 5-star reviews under its belt. If you want bang for your buck, this screen is a good choice. 

Given the black backing to this screen, it’s light impenetrable for a solid view, even if hung in front of a window. Further, you can expect a relatively easy assembly process in just a couple of hours overall.


Among the downsides to this motorized projector screen is the fact that it is not compatible with short throw or ultra short throw projectors. Customer reviews have also revealed that in the shipping and unboxing process, issues of screen ripping, tearing, and imperfections. 

As for the motorized nature of this screen, it’s function can be hit or miss. According to purchasers, your motor might not stop when retracted or possibly make an unpleasant noise.

Further, this product does not come with mounting hardware and has a slightly dangerous wiring setup. 


  • Excellent image resolution (4K, HD, 1080P)
  • 3D compatibility 
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility
  • Matte screen for no glare


  • Incompatible with certain projectors
  • Not compatible with infrared control
  • Must purchase mounting hardware separately

2. Kayle 120″ Motorized Projector Screen


This Kayle 120 inch Motorized Projector Screen is complete with an HD, 4:3 ratio display. Perfect for use as a home theater, presentational, or educational screen, you can make use of this screen both inside and outside of your home.

The automatic mode of functioning makes this sleek screen a convenient addition to your home. It ships to you fully assembled so you can have easy installation and get to watching or displaying your favorite videos and more.

Overall, customers like this black-backed screen for its versatility and ease of use. Its high-quality motor is both quiet and energy-efficient, as well.


  • 1-inch black borders for enhanced screen contrast
  • Extra safety with the flame-retardant fabric
  • 3D and HD compatibility
  • RF remote controlled for screen control from a distance


Some of the best aspects of this screen that set it apart from competitors include the size and display. Its 120-inch screen makes it larger than most motorized home projectors and better for viewing. 

Its 1.2 inch gain screen is safe to wash with both soap and water so you can keep it clean over the years. Further, owners of this screen can choose between wall or ceiling mounting. 

In all, this screen presents more convenience to buyers than some others on the market, given the easy setup. You can also enjoy the seamless nature of this screen since its motor is quiet. You won’t even notice.


Some of the disadvantages to this motorized screen have to do with its design. It’s a bigger screen than most, so naturally, it’s a big heavy (24 pounds). 

You may also find that the packaging and shipping process results in damages and imperfections in the screen. This particular product sometimes arrives with waves on the screen (another imperfection). 

Further, this product does not arrive with installation instructions. Although the setup is supposed to be simple, this may make it more difficult to get started using the screen itself.


  • Energy efficient synchronous motor
  • Ideal for cinema viewing
  • Durable and washable
  • Large screen that works both inside and outside


  • Heavy and too large for some rooms
  • Fragile screen
  • Does not come with installation instructions or hardware

3. Elite Screens 84″ Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen


You can use this multi-aspect ratio screen as the ultimate home theater, complete with 4K Ultra HD display and 3D compatibility. 

This screen comes with easy installation since it’s fully assembled and you can plug it in and press play immediately. You can also conveniently control this motorized screen with its Infrared (IR) Remote. 

This screen features a 180° viewing angle and supports simple maintenance with its Standard UHD/HD projector compatibility. 


  • Mildew resistant, cleanable surface
  • Ceiling/wall mounting case
  • Black masking borders for enhanced contrast
  • Black-backed to stop light penetration


The Elite Screens motorized screen has a 1.1 gain matte white surface, making it optimal for color temperature neutrality and crisp viewing. It also has a wide viewing angle so you can watch in comfort from anywhere in the room. 

Another highlight of the screen is its mildew resistance, meaning you can wash it without worrying about bacteria with time. Further, its black borders give it a truly professional look should you use it for presentations or educational purposes. 


For its small display size, this screen is still quite heavy (19 pounds). It’s only compatible with certain types of projectors, and you have to manually stop the screen. 

The screen surface is known to curl at the edges and get ripples or waves in it. It’s not the most straight and clean-cut of screens, so the quality is a bit compromised. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing display and material
  • Fast, tubular motor
  • Easy integration for third party control systems
  • Remote-controlled
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Limited to indoor use only
  • Small screen compared to others on the market
  • Not compatible with ultra or short throw projectors

4. Akia Screens 110 inch Motorized Electric Remote Controlled Drop Down Projector Screen


The Akia 110 inch Motorized Projector Screen is remote controlled with 3D compatibility and 4K, HD visuals. 

It comes with a long-distance radio frequency remote, as well as a wireless 12V trigger to automatically move the screen up and down or turn the projector on and off. Further, your purchase is complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s ideal for a movie home theater and has a professional-looking black casing on the screen. 


  • 1.0 gain
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Tubular motor for fast operation
  • Black-backed screen for less light penetration


One thing we like about this product is that safety is guaranteed with the ETL/CE FCC CLASS B CERTIFICATION (a high quality safety regulation in the United States). 

We also like that it comes with the MaxWhite 2 matte front projection material for precise colors and ultimate viewing enjoyability. 

You can count on this product to arrive with all the necessary mounting hardware – no extra purchases are necessary. 


One thing we dislike about the Akia screen is that the 110 inches are only in its diagonal dimensions. You don’t get 110 inches across. 

This product is also limited to indoor use, and you can only use it with standard throw projectors. Potential buyers should consider the fact that there is no automatic method of lowering the screen until the entire white part of the screen is exposed. You may be left with manually stopping the screen to get it exactly where you want it.   

Lastly, it’s quite bulky and heavy (almost 24 pounds in all) and is a bargain screen for a reason – it’s not the highest quality product. 


  • Easy wall installation
  • Supports 4K and 3D videos, even gaming
  • Decent black backing so you can place it in light-heavy areas
  • 12V trigger cable


  • Poor packaging
  • Only works for one type of projector
  • Small screen size
  • Faulty remote/limited remote functions

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5. Pyle 72″ Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen


The Pyle 72” Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen comes with an automatic projection display fit for both wall and ceiling mounting methods. While small in its display, it’s also perfect for portability given its lightweight 8.3 pound weigh-in. 

It comes with a wireless, battery-powered remote control and has a 4:3 viewing format, compatible with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

You can easily mount this projector screen on either your wall or ceiling with its convenient hooks and protect it when traveling with its aluminum case. 


  • 1.3 gain triple layer screen
  • Matte white screen
  • 4 sided black border frame for ultimate contrast
  • Ultra-wide off axis viewing


We love that this screen is small and portable – something you don’t get in most home theater motorized projector screens. You can carry it from place to place in its travel case, which makes it suitable for teachers or business people alike. 

It also features a concealed style of installation that makes it more aesthetically pleasing and discreet. 

Its black borders and back also optimize viewing with this screen by adding clearer and sharper images. We also like that it has a relatively quiet screen up/down movement, as well as a quick movement. 


The material this screen is made from may have a foul odor to it. Customers find that the screen emits a smell in the first few weeks of use.  

Further, it often arrives with dents, scratches, and other imperfections. We also dislike that the product is advertised as a portable motorized screen but requires installation that would appear to be long-term or even permanent. 


  • Wireless remote
  • Good for stopping light penetration
  • Lightweight screen
  • Matte white screen enhances color and display


  • Cheaply made resulting in product imperfections
  • Smaller screen won’t suit larger viewing experiences
  • Does not support 3D viewing

6. Aoxun 110″ Motorized Projector Screen


This Aoxun indoor/outdoor compatible motorized projector screen comes with remote control functions and a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Its 160 degree viewing angle and 1.2 gain pair with its 4-layer black-backed screen to promote the ultimate viewing experience, whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, or anything else. 

It arrives to customers fully assembled and ready to mount on either your ceiling or wall, making it truly versatile. 


  • Energy-efficient motor system
  • Wall-mountable control panel
  • HD screen
  • UltraHD for 8K, 4K, HDR, 3D viewing


We particularly like that this projector screen is compatible for both indoor and outdoor use so you can entertain and enjoy your viewing experience wherever you want. 

It’s made to be extra durable, even on the screen’s surface, so you can clean it and even scrub it if you wish. You can also adjust the screen to stop its movement automatically. 

This product also is meant for easy setup. It is made basically ready to install and get started using as soon as it arrives. 


The recommended viewing distance for this sized screen is 11 feet, which isn’t totally ideal if you want to watch casually in a small room. You’ll need a large space so you can adequately seat yourself to watch from this screen.  

The plug-in cord is also quite short, meaning you might need an extension cord in order to comfortably use this screen in your space. 

Further, while the screen is large enough for exciting viewing, its size makes it quite heavy for wall and ceiling mounting. 


  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to clean and wipe the surface of the screen
  • Powerful and durable motor with no jamming
  • Exceptional screen resolution for best viewing


  • Heavy 
  • Not completely wrinkle-free
  • Bad smell in material

7. Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control


This Homegear motorized projector screen takes home theater to the next level with its high contrast 1.3 gain screen. Its 160 degree viewing angle makes it optimal for residential uses.  

It’s set up for optimal wall or ceiling installation, whichever you prefer, and it comes with durable steel casing and plastic ends. You can even remote control this screen from 25 meters away for ultimate convenience.  

Its one-inch black masking borders create a high-contrast and enhanced visual experience for those watching. 


  • 3-layer screen
  • Black-backed screen
  • Flame resistant and static resistant
  • 3D compatible features
  • Wall- mountable control panel


One of the things we like most about this projector screen is that it is compatible with all projectors. Compared to market competitors, this product works with DLP, CRT, LCD, HD, and 3D alike.  

This projector screen is also convenient, given its simple plug-and-play system. There isn’t much installation required, so you can get to the fun part faster. When it comes to actual functioning, too, you can rely on speed, as the screen will extend and retract in less than a minute. 

Overall, one of the biggest perks is that this screen is a great budget option. 


One thing we don’t like about this screen is that the manufacturer clearly states in the product description that there are errors in the product they rely on you to fix. This product is known to arrive with wrinkling in the screen, which you are suggested to fix with heat and gravity. 

These wrinkles and imperfections can lead to poor viewing quality, especially when 4K is selected. 

Also, the cords for the parts of this product are not nearly long enough and will probably require the use of extension cords, which you may have to buy separately. 


  • Soap-and-water washable screen
  • Quiet and energy-efficient motor
  • 3D and HD compatibility
  • Durable and convenient 


  • Imperfections and wrinkles
  • Poor planning for cord length
  • Minimal instructions and bad packaging


So, what’s our final verdict? Overall, we recommend the Aoxun 110″ Motorized Projector Screen for the optimal home theater experience. In terms of the best motorized projector screens on the Amazon market, this one seems to have the fewest flaws. 

Further, its downsides are minimal and not too inconvenient or problematic for users, whereas the upsides really shine. You can look forward to a quiet, efficient, and durable motorized projector screen with easy maintenance. 

We love that it supports the highest qualities of viewing, including 3D, HD, 4K, and 8K. Use it inside and outside, and rely on the simple installation to get you watching as soon as possible. 

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