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BenQ MX525

The MX525 is one of BenQ’s highest selling projectors. It is very bright at around 3200 lumens and has a contrast ratio of 13000:1. The popularity of this device among the users stems from the unique combination of high performance and price that this projector provides. It comes in an XGA version which provides a native resolution of 1024 * 768. It also supports Full 3D functionalities which is an added plus.

BenQ MX525 Specifications:

Full HD 3D Support: Unlike other DLP 3D-Ready devices readily available at this price range, the BenQ MX525 Projector comes with Full HD 3D support which is rare for a below $500 projector. You can project 3D images from any device that can send 3D signal. You can keep your mind free from compatibility issues that sometimes come up when using a cheaper 3d-Ready projector.

Power Saving: An average projector should last an average user a few years as the lamp life on these devices runs into a few thousand hours. This can translate into huge savings as far power consumption is concerned. There are several nifty features in the BenQ MX525 Projector that can help save a considerbale amount of energy in the long run. It also comes with a eco-facts label which means that the device is certified Eco-friendly.

Bright Clean Images: You will be hard-pressed to find a 3200 lumens projector below $500. There are no flaws with this device when it comes to projection quality. BenQ is a reliable brand that produces some of the best projectors in the market, including the BenQ W1070. The BenQ MX525 Projector can scale up images to 1080p and project on a 100″ screen. Most projectors that support 1080p natively cost upwards of $500.



  • Great specifications for the price.
  • Does not generate much heat or noise.
  • Compact size at 4.2 pounds.


  • No option for eco-mode when 3D is enabled.
  • Weak speakers at just 2W.

Overall Impression:



Size and Design

The projector is very small compared to other 3D projectors. It weighs only  4.2 pounds and is just about 4 inches in height. I had the white variant of this projector mounted on a black ceiling and in spite of the color mismatch, the projector managed to look good.The device has one HDMI and one USB port. The replacement bulb for the MX525 cost about $199.




At 3200 lumens, the MX525 should function well in areas with high ambient light or even outdoors. For an ideal outdoor projector, you would want something that is bright and sturdy and the BenQ MX525 Projector scores on both these fronts. Most users who purchased this device had only good things to say about the projection quality.




There are several good projectors in this price bracket yet the BenQ MX525 Projector manages to out perform them all. First you have the high brightness of the device, then the full 3D capabilities and finally the brand name and design. You can’t ask for more from a below $500 device.

Final Verdict:

The popularity of this device on popular e-commerce portals like Ebay and Amazon is more than enough indication of the users loyalty to this projector. It goes without saying that the BenQ MX525 Projector is one of the best purchases you can make. It also features on our list of the best outdoor projectors for a low budget.

BenQ MX525

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