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Acer H5380BD review

Projectors can add life to the viewership of movies by incorporating other features such as 3D functionality. Gaming enthusiasts will also find a projector useful as it enhances the imagery and realism of games. Investing in a projector doesn’t mean raiding your savings account, especially for the budget-conscious among us. Many firms have been developing low-end models for homes needing a quality motion picture experience. Low priced projects also seem to draw more attention as most users are intent on merely bolstering their viewing experience.

In my Acer H5380BD Review, it seemed to offer solid imagery although as an entry-level model, you would not expect jaw-dropping features or functionality. The pictures were bright enough for a standard viewing experience, although some of the colors tended to distort when I changed my viewing angle or the operation from movie to standard mode. 3D functionality was also solid and rich in detail.

Acer H5380BD Specifications:

Superior picture quality: The 3000 lumens in the H5380BD, coupled with the 1280×720 resolution ensure bright and clear picture quality. The Acer Color Boost Technology integrated in the device enhances color balance and brightness. 3D functionality on the device enhances the viewing experience. Users can therefore enjoy a realistic cinematic experience in high definition.

Power management: The Acer H5380BD offers a power saving feature that can be useful to users intending to use the projector over lengthy durations. Projectors are power intensive and any savings attainable can have a high cumulative value over the long term.

Long lamp life: The average lamp life of a project determines how long you can us the projector before replacing the lamp. The Acer H5380BD boasts roughly 10,000 hrs while used in Extreme Eco Mode. Therefore, the projector is expected to last for quite a while. In Full Power Mode, the lamp can top 5,000 hours.



  • The H5380BD offers connectivity to either PC input or HDMI.
  • The device also features MHL, a tool for enhancing connectivity to other devices such as Smartphones.
  • Weighing at just over 5pounds, this Acer projector can easily be moved around. You can even carry it for a trip or drag it along to your friend’s house for an afternoon of 3D movies.


  • The 2-watt speaker does not suit the needs of a user with a bigger living room. Thus, users would have to invest in auxiliaries to derive the best audio functionality from the projector.
  • The projector is primarily remote controlled. However, it does not offer secondary controls other that an on/off button. Should the remote malfunction, you would have to source for a replacement. This limits ease-of-use.
  • The 720 resolution that the projector offers is on the low end, thereby limiting image quality. However, the images tend to be sharper than you would expect from a projector in its price range.


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: At 5 pounds 8 ounces means it’s a lightweight addition to your viewing needs. This also eases storage and carrying. The device also has a sturdy build meaning it handle well when being moved around frequently. Its 12.40″ x 8.80″ x 3.70″ (Width x Height x Depth) also mean it’s small in enough to fit into backpack in case you intend to transport or travel with it. The HDMI connectors lie to the side of the device. This means you have to find a workaround for dealing with the mess that the cabling can pose to viewers.

5stars-300x53Performance: Based on my Acer H5380BD review, the device handles pictures fairly well. Even 3D picture quality was satisfactory. The skin tones are well pronounced although shades of red or blue tend to appear from time to time. These slight rainbow artifacts can be a turn off to some users. The Eco mode on the device helps users to control power usage by reducing brightness. However, the native 720p resolution impairs picture sharpness due to smudges that result from image compression. The H5380BD boasts features color temperature settings- CT-1, CT-2 and CT3 that alter the hue depending on the mode chosen by the user. The standard and movie modes control light output based on a user’s needs. The 2- watt internal speaker offers little in terms of audio performance. However, the speakers can be very handy when you have to more around to place where an auxiliary sound device is unavailable.

Overall, although the device’s features are standard fare, including the inputs and controls, it holds its own in terms of picture sharpness and brightness.

5stars-300x53Price: Amazon quotes the Acer H5380BD at around $383.45, making it a good choice for anyone on a budget or bargain hunting. Other websites quote higher prices so be sure to have that in mind while shopping around. Based on the Acer H5380BD review, users can purchase this model with the assurance that it will deliver what it promises, albeit with minimal drawbacks that one can easily navigate around.

Final Verdict:

According to the WireCutter magazine, the Acer H5380BD is the best $500 projector you can buy and other reviews on the internet seem to suggest the same. Our analysis also goes in the same direction, this projector is a very competitive device for the price and comes with a nice bundle of features. It also features on our list of the best 3D projectors below $500. However, we implore to research some other inexpensive and competitive projectors like the Optoma X316, EPSON VS230 or the BenQ MX525 before making a decision.

To sum it up, with a rating of 4.5+ on Amazon and hundreds of positive testimonials to back it up, you cannot go wrong with this device.

Acer H5380BD

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