10 Best YSL Colognes For Men


Smelling good is not just an indication of good hygiene, it’s also a reflection of our personal style

Why YSL?

If you’re looking for a new scent, the house of Yves Saint Laurent should be your next destination. The luxury brand has been crafting fragrances since 1964 and released its first fragrance for men in 1971. 

YSL offers classic, timeless scents and variations for every season as well. So whether you’re looking for an opulent and sophisticated scent, seductive notes, or a rush of fruity whiff, YSL has something for you. 

Now, for the best part:

There’s no denying that Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for Men is the winner among the 10 best of the best of YSL men’s colognes. It’s an exotic fragrance that doesn’t smell overpowering, too complex, nor unassuming. With its rich and spicy notes, its loyalists adore wearing it for formal occasions, special life events, and leaving a lasting impression. 

Close runner-ups are the musky La Nuit de L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent for Men and the classic favorite, L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent. 

With these 10 best YSL colognes for men, you’ll definitely find a bottle (or two) that suits your lifestyle, personality, and style. Take a pick among our top selections.

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