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10 Best Bvlgari Colognes For Men


Looking for a new Bvlgari cologne? Smart man. Bvlgari is the epitome of Italian luxury, most known for its fine jewelry and watches. Bvlgari colognes and perfumes are expertly crafted by the world’s best perfumers, and the quality shines. 

Top Pick 

Our top pick for the Best Bvlgari Cologne is Man in Black, followed closely by the classic Bvlgari Man. Man in Black is an all-round delicious fragrance that is masculine but has sweet, sexy notes to round out the leather and woods. It lasts all day and has a strong sillage sure to allure those around you. The perfect cologne heading into Fall/Winter. 

Now, get set to turn heads and get plenty of, “what are you wearing?” as you pick your new bottle from the list below.

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